Khordad Sal

Today (24-Aug-2009) is Khordad Sal and I wish all my friends and family “Khordad Sal Mubarak”. It is the most auspicious day for us all. Hope you will read the following although it is long but could not help it. If I have made mistakes, I apologize. I found it very difficult to translate the following into English because Gujarati is a more spiritual language and comprehensive than English. I thank my friend and mentor Ratamai Peer who insisted I speak in Gujarati. I am also grateful to my friend Marzban Giara who encouraged me to speak in Gujarati. I am glad I listened! Gujarati expresses feelings more than English does. 


Khordad Sal:

By Pervin Mistry


Paigambar Saheb Vakhshur-e Vakhshuran Ramzgu Spitaman Asho Zarathushtra ne Naman Hojoji!


Introduction: The following was first written in part, many years ago, in the articles “Yaan, Gnyaan and Agnyaan” and “The Gathic Gohar”. Subsequently, a speech was delivered at Bangalore Agairy on Khordad Sal in 2002 regarding the Divine Status of Asho Zarathushtra. In June, 2006 my friend Mr. Marzban Giara requested me to speak on the subject, “Asho Zarathushtra”, at the Cama Oriental Institution, on behalf of the Rahnumaye Mazdayasnan Sabha,

Read the complete article here ….Khordad Sal_Pervin Misrty



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