Azargoshasb Fire Temple

Illustrative report
Azargoshasb Fire Temple was encircled by the pleasant sound of Avesta and cheerful commotion of Iranians
The sound of Avesta, on 27 Shahrivar (18 September) once again filled Azargoshasb Fire Temple.
In Azargoshasb Fire Temple Zoroastrians recited the Avesta and prayed for a strong unity and cooperation of Zoroastrians of the world.  It is 6 years that this ceremony is being organized, annually, by Yatha Ahu site.  Azargoshasb is one of the largest and most renowned fire temples of the Iranian plateau, situated in West Azarbaijan, 49 km on the northeast of the city of Takab.  The history of this structure goes back to over 3000 years.  Azargoshasb is located near the Urumieh Lake (Chichest Lake) and was surrounded by magnificent buildings in those days.
Amordad camera also went to the Fire Temple to once again display the get-together of Zoroastrians in this ancient holy site.

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Courtesy :  K.F.Keravala


  • Good work, keep it up.

  • I visited Azargoshasb Fire Temple in April 2008. It was truly a very spiritual experience. The surrounds are beautiful and serene. Wishing all Zarathostis around the world and especially those in Iran all the very best for always.
    My regards.

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