Evil Eye or Nazar

Do we brush aside Evil Eye or Nazar as just another superstition or is there any Scientific truth behind its belief ?

Zarathosti Daen and its Raaz can be understood with only one instrument – The Key of Ilme Khshnoom

by Savak Sheriyarji Madan

There is a common belief that a child becomes ill due to Nazar of another person or Evil eye. Also there is custom of applying black spot (Mesh) near eye of a small child  to ward off evil effects of Nazar. Also a child is taught not to eat eatables in front of others. But this not mere discipline or etiquette that is taught to the child but is a precaution and a preventive measure to ward off evil eye or Nazar of others. Also there is a belief that if a child is very attractive bubbling with innocence than there is fear of Nazar befalling upon delicate physche of a small innocent child from even his/her own mother. Is all these mere superstition or is there any scientific reason behind these belief.

As per ilme Khshnoom those belief cannot be brushed aside as mere superstition but are based on natural laws operating in nature. A true seeker of truth will never mock it off as mere superstition.  Avan yasht and Avan Niyaesh are avesta prayers.Avan Ardavisur banu is a Yazad presiding over natural element of water so very much essential for any life to survive on this earth. The water that we see is composed of 2 molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen i.e. H2O, but in these apparent water that we see there are many things not known to us that is explained.

Any work that is done in Hasti by a Yazad is called as “Humata”. The work or functioning of a yazad in Nisti is called as “Hukhata”, and functions of a yazad in this Geti or our earth is called as “Havrashta”. The Havarashta of water and its nature is presided by Khordad Ameshaspand.

Three fourth of Earth is composed of water. Water has 81 types of Khastar or electricity and 6 types of magnetic energies. The water that we see with our eyes is the last basest and grossiest form of flowing Khakh.

As per Khshnoom as mentioned in Avan Niyaesh the name of” Zantu Frado” is missing in our present Khordeh Avesta books mentioning only 5 Frados. As per late Ervad saheb Eruchshaw Edulji Karkaria  possessed an old manuscript by him which gave ample evidence and supported what Khshnoom has to say about one more Frado called as Zantu Frado. Please refer Parsee Avaz dated 8th August 1954 for further details of Zantu Frado.

As said before water is under Jurisdiction of Khordad Ameshaspand right from  Minoi to Khakhi water that we see. The water that we see is known as Ab e Rava e  Duvaam or second grade of water. Its origin is from 5 Frados known as 1) Adu Frado 2) Vathvo Frado 3) Gaetho Frado 4) Khsaeto Frado and 5) Dahangu Frado. The origin of these 5 Frados is from Zantu Frado. Above Zantu Frado there are 3 more Minoi Frados that exists. The five Frados that emanates from Zantu Frado one of them being known as Vathvo Frado is what we are interested in for understanding our topic of nazar. The literal meaning of Vathvo Frado is that frado which brings prosperity to a group or Tola. This Frado exists in all human beings and it originates from the eyes, and one can attract other person making use of one’s eye. If that Vathvo Frado is very strong than it can attract a group of persons or it can attract even a huge crowd. The magnetic attraction from the eyes can be of hatred or love.

Khshnoom further says that this Vathvo Frado emanates with a greater potency from a women than from a Man. That is why a women can sexually attract and charm a man through her eyes and Vathvo Frado plays an important role. The old Tarikaats that was practiced women used to wear a Net in front of her eyes known as Nikab due to which strength of Vathvo Frado reduces.

 What we call as Evil eye is not superstition but bad or evil thoughts can be transported by vathvo frado through our eyes. An evil Black magician can spread his evil dragnate using his evil spell of Adh Manthra making use of vehicle of Vathvo Frado through his eyes, and thus cause harm to his victim. In Mesmerism or Hypnotism they make use of this Frado only. But a man with strong will power cannot be harmed by a Hypnotist. One should not misinterpret from the above explanation that there is any deliberate attempt to deride or degrade women folk in general, but what is explained here is through religious view point of ilmiyat or us trying to unravel the laws of nature.

 A Sanskrit literature book also mentions as under:-

“Bhojane Dvigunastrinabudhi: krutya chaturguna Nishchay: shadgunpubhya: kamveg stathathaya: ” 

 A women has twice the capacity than a man for intake of food, four times the capacity to work, seven times the capacity than a man in being steadfast and unwavering and eight times sensuous and passionate than a man.

 That a practical anecdote will suffice to confirm the above statement.  Napoleon Bonaparte under whose sway and influence whole of Europe was, knew the power Nepean possessed as a leader with Military skill. Nepean once tormented intelligence officer in charge of CID or secret agents  that he was not doing a good job  as a  spy is supposed to keep a watch on enemy within and obtain top secret information. The intelligence officer retorted back about Napoleon’s whereabouts at 11 O’clock the night before and the company he kept with a lady with questionable reputation.  Napoleon was flabbergasted and was at loss of words before his intelligence officer, because he knew the truth himself.

 What has to be noted here is that a man with a strong powerful disposition and will power can be influenced by a passionate women, and the seat of magnetic attraction that draws a man towards a women is through her eyes. The cupid arrow darting a meaningful glances from a women is enough to destabilize even a strong willed man and make him morally weak.  Even an Ashwan of three karsh who is on path of Ashoi can fall prey to powers of a woman. (But his Guru rescues him at the nick of time – FKS’s note)

 The book by the name “The key of Power” by  J Abbott B.A. I.C.S. has touched topics of Mesmerism and Hypnotism in his book, and the key of power is through the eyes.

 Other references are:- 1) Hypnotic Power – By Colin Benett  2) Vashikarana Fantra by Swami Premanand

 Eyes are window of the Soul and from it Positive or negative vibes emanates depending on Manashni of that person, and like wise it spreads its effects to the surrounding atmosphere. Love at first sight is a phrase we often use it and there is lot of truth in it. In “The Aryan Path” August 1938 Volume Mr. P. Pingle writes as below:-

 ” A man may emanate an evil influence through his various sense organs and his extremities, but the evil transmitted by the eye is most portent and dangerous”.

The evil that is transmitted by the eye is further elaborated by Rallo Ahmed an Egyptian in his book “The Black Art”. Further reference is available from old Chirag Magazine October 1939 Page 480-481.

 Translated from Gujarati by Firdosh K. Sukhia

 Dini Avaz May – June 1988 Volume 13 – Issue No. 3

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