Azmin Mistry

A perfect example of the saying, ‘Leaders are born, not made,’ at the young age of 23 years, Azmin has many laurels to her credit. Energetic, talented and optimistic, Azmin has been a go-getter from her early days. Her charm is contagious and her enthusiasm, simply magnetic.

Having completed her Bachelors’ in English Literature from Jai Hind College, she is currently enrolled with the English Literature Department at the Mumbai University for a Masters’ Degree. Azmin has also been active in various forms of theatre and has acted in several English, Hindi, Gujarati and Urdu plays. She also teaches Speech and Drama to the students of Girton High School. Only six years into organizing the Holiday Programme for Youth, Azmin was appointed the Chief-Coordinator for the Programme in 2008.

However, her greatest achievement so far is in the field of Referral Marketing. An unconventional business opportunity with an unlimited scope to earn, Azmin’s acute business acumen has made her team one of the fastest growing teams in Asia in the last six months. In a short span of time, Azmin has already made over 10,000 USD and is looking forward to making much more.

According to this young entrepreneur who heads a team of hardworking and ambitious business partners, Anyone who is consistently persistent, believes in smart work & hard work, and is open to new ideas and learning can make it big in this industry.

She would love to see you, enjoying your time and monetary freedom with her on the beaches of the world.

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