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FACES of the 1400: A ZYNA Project

Hello Everyone

As we prepare to celebrate the Nowruz 1400, the Zoroastrian Youth of North America (ZYNA) a FEZANA Committee; is taking on an endeavor to create an pictorial timestamp and archive of our Zoroastrian diaspora in North America and around the world through a project called the Zoroastrian Faces of 1400. 

Through this project, we’re hoping to collect pictures of Zarathushtis and their families from around the world and combine them into a video and/or living webpage that will serve as a strong memory point for the turn of the century.


Please submit your picture(s) by Wednesday, March 10th, at the link below

Submit Your Photo

If you have any questions, reply to this email, or write us at or reach out to Parshan Khosravi at (949)354-1497.Sincerely,

Parshan Khosravi & Farzin Avari

ZYNA Co-Chairs

Jehan Daruvala creates history, becomes first Indian to win a Formula 2 race

Jehan Daruvala creates history, becomes first Indian to win an Formula 2 race

Jehan Daruvala emerged on top in the support race of the season-ending Formula 1 Grand Prix after a thrilling battle against F2 champion Mick Schumacher and Daniel Ticktum

Jehan Daruvala created history when he became the first Indian to win a Formula 2 race during the Sakhir Grand Prix on Sunday.

A thrilling battle against F2 champion Mick Schumacher and Daniel Ticktum saw the 22-year-old Indian emerge on top in the support race of the season-ending Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Jehan, driving for Rayo Racing, had a good launch from second on the grid and was up alongside pole sitter Daniel Ticktum.

Ticktum squeezed Jehan on the inside which allowed Schumacher to go around the outside of both of them.

Eventually, Ticktum emerged in the lead, followed by Schumacher and Jehan in third. A few corners later, Jehan made a good move to pass Schumacher and get into second position.

A few laps later, Schumacher passed Jehan, to relegate him to third.

Jehan, however, did not give up. A thrilling battled ensued and eventually the Indian got past Schumacher once again, to reclaim his second spot.

Jehan then reeled off a series of quick laps to catch the race leader. However, he was unable to overtake.

The battle for the lead intensified as Ticktum seemed desperate to win the last race of the season.

Jehan, however, kept his cool and maintained the pressure. His excellent race craft forced the race leader to start making mistakes, but Jehan found it tough to get past Ticktum.

Eventually with less than 10 laps to go, Jehan made another fantastic move to get past Ticktum and grab the lead.

Thereafter, Jehan drove well to slowly start opening up a gap and finally took the chequered flag to win his maiden FIA Formula 2 race.

His Japanese teammate Yuki Tsunoda was second, over 3.5 seconds behind Jehan, while Ticktum was third.

“Motorsport is pretty big in India. We obviously have a lot of people, so I have a big fan base back home, and my goal at the end of the day is to do myself and my country proud.

“(I have) to prove to people from back home that even though we don’t have the same facilities and stuff that guys have in Europe, as long as you can work hard you can fight right at the sharp end of the grid,” Jehan said.


Zoroastrian Cricket Club (ZCC) – Toronto – New Beginnings

The Zoroastrian Cricket Club in Toronto has decided to start playing league T20 cricket again after an 8 year gap in play. The club started playing 50 over cricket and was formed in 1978 by a group of cricket loving Parsee immigrants that came to Canada from India and Pakistan. It ran successfully for many years in a local league but in 2013 the club folded due to a lack of interest amongst newer Zoroastrians.

However, in recent years the OZCF (Ontario Zoroastrian Community Foundation) field was transformed to include a cricket pitch and it renewed interest amongst the Parsee community! For the past two years the team has played inter friendly matches and have occasionally invited other teams to play as well. Due to the creation of the new agiary, the OZCF ground is not available for the upcoming season. The club has decided to join Mississauga Cricket League, and would like to introduce and include more youngsters to the game in a healthy community atmosphere with proper coaching by ex national team players. So if you have kids that want to learn sports and have fun in an all Parsee community setting or if you want to join yourself please contact Khushroo Wadia at The club appreciates your support and enthusiasm and thanks the many former members who still donate generously to keep up equipment and help pay for the league costs, balls, and umpire fees. What a truly wonderful community we have. Come and be a part of it!

OZCF COVID-19 Virtual Run/Walk

Welcome to the OZCF COVID-19 Virtual Run/Walk!

The OZCF Sports committee are excited to bring to you their first Virtual Run/Walkfundraiser.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not allowed the OZCF to have in-person events, therefore we are holding this Virtual event.

*This is one event ‘WE DO NOT WISH TO SEE YOU IN-PERSON’*

Please follow the guidelines below:

1. Register by paying $20
2. Starts October 23rd and ends October 31st, 2020
3. Please pay attention to the current COVID-19 regulations in your area
4. Take pictures and videos of your Run/Walk and send them to xariusjasavala@hotmail.comor 905-808-2827 with your full name and area (i.e. Xarius Jasavala, Oakville, ON).
5. You can track your distance with a running/walking app such as ‘Strava‘ or running/walking watch or treadmill display.
After you have completed your Run/Walk, please take a picture/screenshot of your running app/watch/treadmill showing your distance & send to us.


Take a picture of yourself having completed the 5km.

While we realize that it may not be possible for all participants to complete 5km, we encourage you to participate, keep fit and complete however many km you can.

We wish to have fun with this, so please do send in periodic Pictures/Videos of your participation in this first Virtual Run/Walk.

We will be posting these on our website & social media platforms.

We would like as many people to participate (young and old), from all over the world; stay fit, stay safe, have fun !

** You can take this further and get sponsors from friends and family by asking people to hit the OZCF Donation option from the website or click HERE

A quarterly series of articles, reporting on the volunteers of the 2023 8th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress (8WZYC) to be held in London

Individual vs Communal voice



This series of articles aims to provide an insight into the profiles of the individuals who will be organising the 2023 8th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress (8WZYC). Each article will detail how the organisers are trying to inspire and motivate the future generation of young Zoroastrians. We hope that these profiles will provide our readers with an insightful perspective into the lives and visions of the 2023 8WZYC organising volunteers.


This first article highlights the journey of the two congress Co-Chairs and how they use their voice to represent the community and add value to bring about progressive change through a communal voice.




Sheherazad F Kapadia and Sanaya Khambatta are both from London, England and are together chairing the 2023 8WZYC. In 2019, they started serving the UK Young Zoroastrian (YZ) committee as Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively; and are committed to representing the voice and views of young Zoroastrians in the UK.

Sheherazad & Sanaya at Sanaya’s 18th Birthday


Both Sheherazad and Sanaya come from Zoroastrian families who have been strongly involved in serving their Zoroastrian communities. In the past, Sheherazad’s father was the Treasurer in the 1997 2WZYC and her mother was a teacher for the UK Zoroastrian Children’s Fun Club. Sanaya’s family has been prominent in the Delhi Parsi community and several charitable causes. As a result of their family’s extensive communal involvement, Sheherazad and Sanaya have both been actively involved in the Zoroastrian community, from a very young age.


In this article, they hope to shine a light on their journey in representing the YZ community and planning the 2023 8WZYC.



Why do you wish to be involved in the community?


Sheherazad – At age 10, my family and I moved to the Middle East, which seemed like a scary decision at the time. We never thought we would find a Zoroastrian community as vibrant and loving as our London group. However, looking back, it may have been the best choice my parents ever made!  Within the first month of moving, my family and I were introduced to a group of expatriate Zoroastrians who called themselves, the ‘Abu Dhabi Bawa Gang’. From then on, we enjoyed communal weekly dinners, outings and celebrations. The Bawa Gang taught me a lot – most importantly that no matter where I go, what I do, or how scared I become of the future, our Zoroastrian community and faith will always be there for me.


The moment I returned to London for higher studies, I felt a sense of responsibility to give back to my Zoroastrian roots and so I joined the YZ committee. Beyond that, I truly hope that through the 8WZYC, I can provide a platform for our Zoroastrian youth across the globe, to build a sense of belonging, empathy and a voice. Afterall, a community that cares, is a community that makes for a brighter tomorrow.



Sanaya – Growing up, my family always ensured that I had a strong sense of community and try to follow the three tenants of the religion- Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds. As a result, I always had Zoroastrian friends and engaged with them socially on a regular basis as well as attended Zoroastrian classes from an early age to learn about my religion and these tenants. Through this, I felt an innate sense of belonging which helped to shape my identity and allowed me to understand more about our religion overall. I have always been a proud Zoroastrian and my motivation for my involvement with the main YZs is that I want others to feel the same way I did growing up. I want them to have a sense of community, to meet other like-minded individuals and make and share experiences with them and to follow the religion, not because they have to but because they want to.

What do you think you can bring to the table in terms of co-chairing the 2023 8WZYC in United Kingdom?


Sanaya – Both Sheherazad and I come from different backgrounds – whether that be career, academic or our extra-curricular activities we participate in. However, it is this differentiating outlook that will benefit us greatly as we embark upon our journey in co-chairing the 2023 8WZYC in United Kingdom. We both examine a problem or task from a unique perspective and work on collaborating together to provide the best course of action that benefits our community, peers and the project at hand. We have grown up together and over the years have come to mutually understand how the other thinks, their strengths and we plan on using these attributes to our full advantage when working with others and each other. We are confident where our area of expertise lies and understand when to delegate or ask for help from each other if faced with something that we are unsure about. We both believe communication and transparency is key in working with one another and a passion for what we are doing – which we have in abundance!



How do you overcome representing a community and not just your own viewpoint?


Sheherazad – For us, having a communal voice is essential to good leadership. Often today, we see world leaders who bring their personal agenda in politics- which tends to only create more divide.


Having a communal voice does not just mean representing the views of others, it means accepting that sometimes your ideas or opinions will not be followed and you will have to implement a different ideology. Whilst at times this can seem hard, we always remind ourselves of the wider goal that we are working towards and that by listening and considering other points of views, we can create a more inclusive and empowered community.


Sanaya and I have both always been guided to show kindness in our actions. We both believe that when taking on a role of leadership, whether it be; captaining your high school sports team or starting up an enterprise, being openminded and respecting the opinions of all those around you, especially those who you represent will always be a huge asset towards the success of your endeavours.

Sheherazad & Sanaya at Sanaya’s 18th Birthday


What is the value of having a female based committee and acting co-chairs?


Sheherazad – The young Zoroastrian community in the UK has a vibrant atmosphere, and I am both proud and grateful to say that having women in leadership positions is not a rare occurrence in the UK YZ community.  I truly feel that having a congress committee that is made up of so many wonderful and accomplished young women is essential and will showcase how we are paving the way to a more equitable society. Sanaya and I firmly believe that with the equality and empowerment of women, we will achieve a stronger future for our community as well as our religion.



What do we hope the Zoroastrian youth will look like on a global scale?


Sanaya – Looking to the future of the global Zoroastrian youth, we hope that individuals will continue wanting to follow the Zoroastrian faith and be part of the global Zoroastrian community – through attendance at events such as youth congresses and world congresses.


This can develop one’s spiritual and emotional connection with the religion as well as their peers, and allow individuals to see us as a unified global community rather than simply a religion that they ‘have’ to follow. We wish for the YZ community to advance and slowly start tackling progressive issues that we face, not only within the religion, but in society too and to evolve to be respectful and inclusive of all.


Closing paragraph

We hope our answers have provided you with an insight into us as individuals, as well as our views for the progression of the 2023 8WZYC in London, UK. If you have any questions to be addressed in future articles please email them to and we will be happy to respond.







Sheherazd F. Kapadia

Chair – Young Zoroastrian’s of the UK,
Co-Chair – 2023 8th Zoroastrian World Youth Congress (London, United Kingdom)
Occupational Therapy Student/Assistant Therapist








Sanaya Khambatta
Vice Chair – Young Zoroastrian’s of the UK
Co-Chair – 2023 8th Zoroastrian World Youth Congress (London, United Kingdom)
Technical Consultant at IBM


ZYNG2.0 announces ‘Lockdown 2020 PUBG Night’ friendly gaming session for Zoroastrian youth on Saturday, 23rd May

Some advantages of gaming (PUBG), when not played regularly or in excess, are helping in multitasking and increasing thinking ability and reflexes when exposed to different situations.
Keeping this in mind, ZYNG 2.0 plans to entice and engage the parsi youth with ‘Lockdown 2020 PUBG Night’ a friendly gaming session for Zoroastrian youth on Saturday, 23rd May.

What: ‘Lockdown 2020 PUBG Night’ for Parsis
When: Saturday, 23rd May from 10pm onwards
Where: At our respective homes through our mobile phones/tablets
Registration: FREE…closes on Friday 22nd May at 5pm, Contact 9082262681/9920127945
Winner Gratification: Winners of Solo and Squad matches to be awarded with special gift cards
How to survive the red zone? Every player knows that when in a red zone, always stay at home..
Stay tuned for more @zyng2.0 on Instagram

ZYNG 2.0 encourages the parsi youth and their families to stay fit at home during this lockdown

~ Functional Training & Aerobics meet Yoga coming Thursday, 21st May
The coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to change our routines, and a prime example of this is fitness. The closure of gyms and fitness studios has resulted in people looking for fitness guidance and workout session when it comes to ways to keep fit at home.

What: Fitness Hour with ZYNG – Danceout by Burzin Engineer Meets Yoga by Rayomand Sirvala
When: Thursday, 21st May 5pm to 6pm
Where: At our respective homes through an instagram live session –

Mr. Burzin Engineer (, the founder of Danceout India, has introduced the workout called danceout, which is a combination of high impact aerobics and functional training together which gives you weight loss and toning in one class. He has been professionally teaching and choreographing dance since more than 10 years.

Mr. Rayomad Sirvala (, is a renowned Yoga Instructor, Corporate Fitness Consultant and Health Coach, making a difference to many across the globe and encouraging everyone to live a healthy life.
People all over the world follow them and their workouts. Imagine them coming together for the first time for a unique fitness hour LIVE on Instagram. Follow @zyng2.0 on Instagram for more details
It’s time to challenge ourselves to stay fit at home. This Thursday evening, don’t want to miss working out from your respective homes, with the top fitness experts in Functional Training & Yoga….. all this free of cost

YZ Vice President Sanaya V Khambatta: First Guest Speaker ‘Finding True North’- a virtual series of inspiring career stories

Forwarding YouTube link featuring Sanaya Veraf Khambatta, our YZ Vice President & 8WZYC Co Chair, on ‘Finding True North’.
Sanaya works for IBM as a Technical consultant. She is also part of the Tech Allies committee- a group of industry young professionals focused on providing cross industry knowledge and development surrounding technology to professionals. Her aim is to inspire the next generation into choosing a career in technology, through her work with schools and universities, as well as releasing their own podcast series and internships. 

For more details please see their website-

Their newest venture is ‘Finding True North’- a virtual series of inspiring career stories delivered through interactive YouTube Live sessions. Here is last week’s session featuring Sanaya as the first guest speaker. She discusses her journey to date and gives out advice and guidance on how to be successful and reach your full potential. 

For more information please do see see her LinkedIn. 

To see her story on YouTube please click on the link below- Finding True North ft. Sanaya Khambatta

Kindly share this inspirational video to others in your family, friends, colleagues, especially YZs.
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