Zoroastrian Community of Russia

Registered in St. Petersburg since April 7, 1994.
These pages will give you an idea about how the community emerged and developed , its life and activities
Here we would like to present at fullest possible length :

  • the history of Zoroastrian religion, the most ancient monotheistic religion of the world
  • the teaching of Good and Light, teaching of Mazdayasna, Worshiping Wisdom
  • information on ancient and present Zoroastrian communities and groups
  • answers to your questions about Zoroastrians

On our community.
The Zoroastrian Community of St. Petersburg is an officially registered local religious organization aimed at research and advancement of the world religion of Zoroastrianism in accordance with international religious and juridicial regulations. The community was founded in 1994, its official status being in compliance with the law on religious associations

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Courtesy : Kekobad Doongriwalla


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