Dastur Faramroze Navroji Kutar


Roj Adar, Mah Avan  1379 Yz.

 Today on 25th March, 2010 being 81st Anniversary Salgreh of Rustam Faramna Agiary, on that joyous occasion forwarding the under mentioned article which was originally written in Gujarati by Jehangirji S. Chiniwalla paying tribute to Dastur Faramroze Navroji Kutar Dastur Darab Pahlan. This article has appeared in booklet in the year 1958 on 30th anniversary of Rustam Faramna Agiary  which coincided exactly with 1st death Anniversary of Dastur Faramroze Navroji Kutar. The oil painting of Dasturji Faramroze Kutar which is presently in the Prayer hall  was inaugurated  in 1958 on the above occasion, and was painted by late Minocher Patel himself a  khshnoomist.

Dastur Dr. Hormuzdiar Mirza of Sanjana Tola or clan connected to Shri Pak Iranshah AtashBehram has given additional information about Dasturji Farmroze Kutar in above mentioned Gujarati booklet worth mentioning  and is mentioned below:-

 “Dasturji  Faramroze became Navar and Maratab at ripe age of 13 years and has done various Pavmahal kriyas like Nirangdin, Hamayasht, Vandidad, Yajashne and also had vast knowledge of consecrating and ijvanu of Pak Makan or Fire temples.

 Besides he being an avid student of Zoroastrian literature was also conversant in composing beautiful poems in Farsi Language.

 Besides translation of Shahnamah in 10 Volumes he compiled Dictionary of Farsi Language in Gujarati script for Gujarati readers composing of nearly 1,75,000 words and its meaning.

 Out of his nine decades of worldly life, he spent 70 years of his life in service to two Daremehers in Mumbai, that of Rustam Faramna Agiary at Dadar and another at Tata Agiary situated at Bandra.”

Read on further…… Dastur Faramroze Navroji Kutar_Tribute by J S Chiniwalla

Courtesy :  Firdosh K Sukhia

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