A Community that Prays

Today on our Earth, man has forgotten himself, woman has forgotten herself, humanity has forgotten itself, and….. Parsis have forgotten themselves.

Because all of them have forgotten Dharma, Daena, Religion.

To forget Daena means to forget commu­nication with God. The Only way to communi­cate with Him is Prayer. We have lost our capacity to pray.

For a Parsi, Prayer is the attunement with Ahuramazda and Yazats, the Channels of His Divine Light, through Manthra.

Since two centuries, the majority of humans on the globe have discarded God. They are drifted away by their own ego. They exerted hard to find out, through their disoriented intel­lect, the “natural” (i.e. Godless) laws” governing the atom, monkey, and man’s mind, and have failed miserably in finding all the three. Truth and Reality are more elusive to-day than they were at the start of these exertions. But alas! In the process, all that man did was to display himself as the cruelest killer, destroyer and slaughterer, and a cancerous virus on the body of the Mother-Earth. His was an insane rush towards money, sex and power. To own the gadgets of sensual and material pleasures and the brutal weapons of destruction and torture, was the only aim of life. Knowing fully well that his behaviour brings his own doomsday nearer and nearer, he persists in it obstinately and steadfastly.

That is the key to his forgetting God and Prayer. “The self-sufficient do not pray, the self-satisfied will not pray, the self-righteous cannot pray”, said Leonard Ravenhill about Americans. It is true for the humans…. and the Parsis.


It also includes an Article entitled “THE MESSAGE AND MUSIC OF MANTHRA – PRAYERS”.

From the “Introduction” to Khordeh Avesta baa Khshnoom”   

By Faramroze Chiniwalla; English Rendering by K. Navroz.

To sum up : 

Be a prayer addict in the midst of your worldly duties. Pray with fervour. Great miracles are in store for you.

Courtesy : Firdosh Sukhia

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