Marazban Jal Patrawala

I will be Obliged if you could create a Page for My first cousin The Late Hon’able Mr. Marazban Jal Patrawala Minister of Law Judiciary, tourism , Protocol , & Chairman of Privileges committee  for 16 years

My Beloved cousin Marazban Died at the young age of 52 of a massive heart attack on the very day of his swearing in  Maharashtra Cabinet

I am writing a Biography of Marazban and would appreciate all the feed back from People who knew him and whose life he changed for the better

Marazban was one of the most Honorable kind and Learned + witty men I knew extremely erudite & learned , No one on earth can ever accuse him of Nepotism or Favoritism or any enriching him self or any of his Relatives

Marazban Died leaving behind a very very nominal amount of money and valuables , me any other modern day Politician as learned as Marazban was who left behind so very little , it is true that a man who serves the Poor Quietly dies very poor

As a clan and as a race let us Honor Marazban  and take Pride in his various achievements starting from Young Childhood when he was Presented to the Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru the Time he took the salute as lieutenant in Sea cadet Corps leading march past in the Colaba Causeway in 1968  ..when as a child I cheered and applauded my Hero My cousin Marazban , he went on a full scholarship to Join the Bar at Lincolns Inn IN London ..

As a clan and as a race we have to support each other and show pride in each others achievements

Thank you and best regards

Sir Mehernosh Shroff

Knight of The Order of Royal Honor

Chief Engineer . Fellow of Institute of Marine Engineers

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  • I had met Marzi in New Delhi and then he visited my family in Los Angeles and graced us by staying with us.
    Was very shocked about his passing away at such a young age with so much promise still left unfulfilled!

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