• Throw the renegade priests and all those who support them out.

    • Its a disgrace that so called educated Parsees[ or so I presume!] can even think of actions like thorwing out priests, etc.. They are the ones who should be taught how to behave in todays time and age, and realise that before we were all Zorastrians [ before our Fore fathers embraced Zorastra’s teachings]we all belonged to another faith!


    Yes, BPP has done the correct thing becaus the priests concerned have broken their holy wows taken at the time of being ordained and are working against the tenets of the Religion.

  • It’s time for the troglodytes and Neanderthals and their reactionary ways to be thrown out instead, for once and for all. Dastoorji Madan is one of the kindest, sincerest and most spiritual men I know, Zoroastrian or otherwise. Those who cast stones at him are either ignorant and need to educate themselves, or are wilfully reactionary and harmful to the long-term interests of our faith and line.

  • Many of you may not agree with me. If Ahura
    Mazda is ONE, how can we be different?
    If you take one ray of pure sunlight and pass it
    through the prism of one drop of rain, the light
    flares into a rainbow. But in its purest essence
    it is still that ONE ray of sunlight. Wake up,
    brothers and sisters. Who are we to say who
    can and cannot follow the path to Ahura Mazda?

  • I will not comment on BPP’s decision…One should be open to accept the changes but should adhere to the teachings of Ustad BEHRAMSHAH NAOROJI SHROFF ..for more details visit http://www.iranica.com/articles/behramshah-naoroji-shroff-1858-1927. Being modern does not signify that times have changed. Religion is always the same even if it is evolved 2000 yrs ago and as a true Zarthosti one should protect their religion n not involve in unauthenticated discussions of today who think they know more about religion then the people who are struggling to preserve it.

  • Ignorance is Bliss
    It is folly to be wise.

    They say Practice what you preach
    But I say out of the 3

    1. He is the best who practices what he preaches
    2. Who preaches without being able to preach
    3. Who does not preach just because he cannot preach.

    eg. from 2 & 3
    2. A father telling his son not to drink although he can not help himself from stopping to drink.
    May be the son realises the helplessness of his father & obeys.
    3. An addict to booze father ashamed to tell his son not to drink just because he is afraid of being told off.

    Ahe Bevda !! Kis ku Soonata Hai.
    and continues to drink.

    In other words
    Do not stop doing your duty if you can not do it fully
    or without being able to do it yourself.

    The 2nd example is better than the 3rd and should be chosen.

    instead of the 3rd not doing it at all.

    So there may be people who were born bad from birth
    like the children of mothers who took Thalidomide for pain relief during pregnancy.

    My own nephews when they were very small kids used to catch big ants and break their legs one by one.

    Then there are those who were born normal but become bad later, due to bad company or habits or just plain greed.

    They are sinking in quick sand never being able to swim out of it even if they were good swimmers themselves.
    Others may not dare to give them a hand lest they grab it and pull them in too.
    But with a long pole instead of pulling them out they offer it and then push them further in.

    These are the people to be hated and despised who call themselves Holier than Thou and do either nothing to help everybody but rather are guilty of encouraging the bad ones to become worse.

    Our so called ‘Creme De La Creme’ Dadar Parsi Colony is a living example and every one is turning either a blind eye or are guiltier than the others.

    Men are wearing Bangles & Women are enjoying getting Royally Screwed.

    If you took an honest Survey

    You would get 99 to 1
    i.e the exception that proves the rule
    if no one abstains the voting

    But people are all free riders they refuse even to come out to vote unless there is something it for them.

    They want others to do their dirty work
    fortunately I am there for them
    They are all welcome one and all
    my No. is 24123765 & 9403039606

    Homi Lord

  • The zartashtrian heritage and religious values and commandements must be protected at all cast by the civilized world at large.
    with cardial solidarity with the parsy community .

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