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Survey on Declining Demographiccs

We have almost completed a Survey based on DATA, OBSERVATIONS that has led to FINDINGS.

If the community of Parsi/Irani/ Zarthustis wish to SURVIVE  they would need to develop  responses to the findings in a UNITED WAY and implement  responses just as we do in American Corporations and Organizations that wish to survive changing times.
Some of the findings are similar to those already identified in Delhi University Report, TISS report, Roshen Rivetna’s presentation…but what this report does and is different from others is that it has  identifying priorities, importance, based on actual numerical data in scientific, sociological, religious terms.
This survey has been verified and validated and it was done in 30 days.
In the USA TIME IS MONEY it is our most precious commodity.
Please fill one out so that you can experience the variables that have been considered.
Have a wonderful NEW YEAR at Zoroastrian Studies.
Courtesy : Porus Dadabhoy

Jehangir Mehta vying for spot on Oprah’s TV channel

Zoroastrian chef Jehangir Mehta vying for spot on Oprah’s TV channel

Our very own Jehangir Mehta needs your votes.

As you may know, Oprah Winfrey is starting her own TV channel and recently announced a competition that will enable one person to host his or her “OWN Show”.  To do that, contestants have to upload their videos and garner as many votes as possible from the public. Five contestants with the highest votes will be called for the next phase of the audition.

Jehangir has uploaded his video and needs your support. Please view the video and vote for Jehangir. Multiple votes are allowed. Voting ends on July 3rd.

Please vote as often as possible and spread the word!

http://myown. audition/ index.html? request=video_ details&response_id= 7281&promo_id=1

POLLS : ET Award – CEO of the Year

Baname Khuda!

This has been sent to me. You may like to vote for Ratan Tata. There is voting on the website link given below. There is also voting by doing a SMS (text message) ETA 10 to 58888 from your mobile in India. Good luck to Mr Ratan Tata.


Kindly forward this link to as many people as possible.

 Go to this link and please vote for Ratan Tata.

He is really a precious Ratan of India …….

http://etawards. economictimes. com/ceoofdecade. cms


 Courtesy : Tehemton B. Adenwalla

Survey for Zoroastrians/Parsis – developing a blueprint for the future


 Register yourself…

 Dear ladies and gentlemen,

 This is a request to do this survey for the good of our dwindling community…… just click the link below. Also, if you could pass this on to other Parsis you know, it would be helpful.

 Many thanks.

 Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the mail en masse!!! Hemant and I’ve been helping Sam Balsara of Madison Advertising develop this survey. It’s for Zoroastrians and Parsis all over the world, and is intended to guide the development of a blueprint for the future of our community, findings of which he will share at the World Zoroastrian Congress in December.

Please please spread the word among your friends and encourage them to participate in it!!!

The link to the survey is here – – all you need to do is click on it and it will take you to the survey form. Once completed, please click the submit button.

Click on this website link

Thanks sooooooo much …

Pervesh Mody

Thanks and Regards,

Pervesh Mody
Manager, Risk Control Unit,
Global Retail & Commercial Banking, India
Barclays Bank PLC
T  +91 22 6719 6456
M +91 98210 92152
F   +91 22 6719 6453