Shayan Italia

Shayan ItaliaShayan Italia, better known by his stage name SHAYAN, is an Indian born up-and-coming International multi-award winning singer/songwriter. Being a Zoroastrian, his background is the same as that of the late great Freddie Mercury of Queen. Discovered in 2009 by the legendary interviewer Sir David Frost, recording for the album ‘Armour Of Love’ started on 23 September 2009 and finished on 01 June 2010. The album was recorded at Air Studios, Metropolis Studios, Pinewood Studios and Mayfair Studios in London. The album features 135 of some of the most talented musicians, vocalists, engineers, arrangers and multi-Grammy, Emmy and Brit award winning production teams in the business today. The entire album is written, arranged, produced and performed by SHAYAN.


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For the full interview of Shayan with David Frost, click here

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