Homi Sethna, Nuclear Legend, passes away

Former Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission Homi Nusserwanji Sethna, an important figure in India’s nuclear programme, passed away at his home here on Sunday night. He was 86.

Homi Mehta, a long-time associate, told The Hindu Dr. Sethna was suffering from lung fibrosis. “For the past two years, he was on oxygen for 24 hours. Because of that he was on a wheelchair and could not go out. However, despite the debility, he worked from home.”

He played a key role in India’s first peaceful nuclear explosion of May 18, 1974, called the Smiling Buddha, or Pokhran-I He developed an interest in “the greening of the Kutch belt in the 1980s or 1990s,” Mr. Mehta recalled. “He formed cooperatives with the local people and horticulturists for planting Jojoba seeds.” Mr. Mehta described him as “a strong personality with straightforward” manners. “He loved the opera. [Luciano] Pavarotti was his favourite.”

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