The Parsees of India

A very detailed and incisive portrayal of the Parsees of India in the National Geographic Magazine of 1905, by William Thomas Fee, US Consul General, Bombay.

” The story of the Parsees and the Tower of SilenceĀ  has been written at the US Consulate …………It is not claimed that anything new has been told, though it is hoped that the old may have been stated in a new light. ….I am under great obligation to many Parsees for considerable data and help given to me, but especially to my friend, the late Dossabhai Framjee Karaka, the historian.

Click Here for the full article which includes :

  • Religion of Zoroaster
  • Emigration to India
  • Retention of Individuality for 1200 years
  • Personal Characteristics
  • Customs and Manners
  • Public Spirited Generosity
  • Highly Educated and Progressive People
  • Some Peculiar Customs
  • Marriage Ceremonies
  • The Towers of Silence
Courtesy : Prof. Dr. Ardeshir Damania

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