The Good Minds – Er. Dr. Jehan Bagli

 Ervad Dr. Jehan Bagli is Scientist and a Priest. He has been a leader in both areas of his life. He has been a Teacher of the Zoroastrian Faith both through his lectures and writing. He has made contributions to the Scientific Community and was a Distinguished Research Fellow of Wyeth/Ayrest Pharmaceutical Research.  He was the founding President of Zoroastrian Association of Quebec and the editor of Gavashni, a North American Zarathush ti publication, for 16 years and was the founding editor of FEZANA journal.   Amongst his many other distinguished contributions, most recently he was the author of ‘Zoroastrian Theology and Eschatology’ as well as the section editor for ‘Zoroastrian Religion’ for the volume “Islam, Judaism and Zoroastrianism” of the ‘Encyclopedia of Indian Religions’ published by Springer in 2018.

Ervad Jehan begins with his early life in Bombay and early education.
2.00  Arrival in London and Studying at the London School of Pharmacy. Moving to the USA for Post-Doctoral studies and then to Canada.
7:20  How the Force works for one if …..    On to Montreal, Back to the USA and Professional life
18:50 Role of the Fravashi.  Journey with the Zoroastrian Community – Becoming the President of the Zoroastrian Association in Montreal. Evolution of the Gavashni Journal. Making choices and commitment to learning to fulfil responsibilities.
25:53  Zoroastrianism – a Faith to be lived.
29:41 On studying different translations of the Gathas while thinking of the Prophet   Zarathushtra within the Gathas
35:39 Marriage in India and children
44:40 Journey with the NAMC

Dear Respected Karishma: 

Since you made this interesting recording a thought has been haunting me.That is about some major milestone that I overlooked in the conversation.  It was in 1999 that the then president of FEZANA Framroz Patel requested me to take over as Chair of the Research and Preservation Committee of FEZANA and I served as the Chair of that Committee for the next 16 years. It was during that tenure that myself in collaboration of Ervad Adi Unwala produced the four books of the series Understanding and Practice, for Jashan, Navjote and Wedding,Obsequies, and Concise Naavar Ceremony. It was in 2017 that i relinquished as Chair of the committee.

I was fortunate to be selected for the FEZANA Lifetime Achievement Award 2017. I was interested not only to serve our community but also humanity at large. So when I retired in 1997I immediately started volunteering at the hospital. I have volunteered at Princeton Medical Centerin New Jersey, Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga, and Toronto East General in Toronto. I stopped volunteering in 2019 when my wife needed care and attention.


  • A stalwart of Zoroastrianism whom I grown to love & trust. A clear crystal diamond, a diamond in the rough.

    • “A clear crystal diamond, a diamond in the rough.” – Isn’t that paradoxical??? Anyways, that’s not important – my own personal observations of including what I’ve heard and known from others on Jehan does not reflect the same viewpoint as my respected reader as above. – Ervad Jal Dastur

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