Opportunity for Zoroastrian Scholars

To All Zoroastrian Scholars:


Spenta University, the world leader in Zoroastrian Education and Research, is progressing as ever, and hence it requires additional Professors to teach Zoroastrian History, Philosophy, Literature, Language, and Culture through online teaching system.

You must possess a minimum of Masters Degree or hold a religious title (Hirbad, Mobedyar, Dastur, Mobed) or have done an extensive research work in Zoroastrian Religion. You must be willing to learn online teaching methods and adhere to Spenta’s high teaching standards.

If you are interested, please feel free to apply by sending us your resume with subjects that you are able to teach: To wecare@spenta.edu.

For more information about Spenta University and its courses, please visit our website: www.spenta.edu.

With Vohuman,

Spenta University

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