Upcoming Event – The Parliament of World’s Religions- 2014

The Parliament of World’s Religions is the world’s oldest (dating back to 1893) and largest inter-religious and inter-cultural event.  The PWR meets every five years.  It gathers during one week about 10 000 people of diverse religious and cultural traditions from across the globe.  It comprises plenary sessions addressed by senior civil and religious leaders, a host of cultural events, and more than 600 distinct workshops on the challenging issues facing the global community.  Previous Parliaments were held in Melbourne (2009), Barcelona (2004), Cape Town (1999), Chicago (1993).
Three years of preparation will ensure that the exchanges at the Parliament genuinely reflect the breadth and depth of perspectives and values of the world’s religious & convictional communities.  Over 75 preliminary events are organised in cities throughout the world.  The gathering itself thus emerges as the culmination of an intense and in-depth global dialogue.

Courtesy : Behram Pastakia


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