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With the blessing of PAK DADAR AHURAMAZDAI we have once again started the Free Trip to Udwada-lranshah. As you already know since last 6 years we are taking trips to Udwada-lranshah from Mumbai, Pune, Navsari and Surat. In all 4,000 Zarthostis have availed of this facilities and have ! visited Most HolyAtash Behram Padshah Saheb. Once again we have planned trips from Mumbai twice a week every Sundays & Wednesdays starting from 17th July 2011. Our Innova air-conditioned car will start  from (Lalbaug) Nowroz Baug gate at morning 6:30 am.  Five persons can be accommodated in this car. Breakfast shall be taken at Atithi Restaurant – Charoti and Lunch at Udwada entirely at our cost. This trip is sponsored le by Rohinton Mehta and family in memory of their  late parents Dinamai and Jamshedji Mehta.

Parsi and Irani Zarthostis wishing to avail this facility may form a group of five and givetheir names well in advance to Mr. Khushru P. Bhathena on Mobile No. 9225908126  cetween 10.00 am to 06.00 pm. Monday to Saturday.


  • Good thinking, and good charity. BPP may think of similar approach on Parsi New Year and going by buses.

  • Indeed a very noble gesture by Rohinton Mehta and family in memory of their dear late parents Dinamai and Jamshedji Mehta. With due respect to all, I feel that those who can afford should atleast voluntarily bear the cost of the breakfast and lunch.

  • Marazban & Ketayun Khandhadia

    Admire & appreciate your gesture towards this noble cause. Our best wishes to Rohinton Mehta & Family. We wish him prosperity, good luck and good health.

    Marazban & Ketayun Khandhadia

  • Khushru P. Bhathena

    Thanks ALL. Wish to inform you that the trips are booked till November 2011.

    Khushru P. Bhathena

  • The cell number of Mr. Khushru P. Bhathena 9225908126 is never picked up. Perhaps it is a wrong number or the trip that they are promoting to Udwada is not correct.

  • Khushru P. Bhathena

    Sorry Carol, as written earlier the trips are booked till November, and yes there was a problem with the phone for some time but the number is correct.


  • Khushru P. Bhathena

    Available 5 seats for 24th Aug. Wednesday (Khordad Saal) due to cancellation.

    To avail this day call me on 9225908126 or 9821269590


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