The hearty delights of Parsi food

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Small in number but big in helpings. The hearty delights of Parsi food
An article that deals with Parsi food must, in all fairness, open with a statutory warning: this cuisine is injurious to the mental health of vegetarians. For very often the only herbivorous item that sneaks onto the Parsi festive table or restaurant menu is the carrot-and-raisin pickle.
…… a community that fetes icons like former Tata Steel chairman Russi Mody as much for his 18-egg-omelettes as for his managerial achievements; a religion which doesn’t bother with fasting—the four days in the year when mutton and chicken are prohibited are deemed sufficiently harsh lessons in abstinence.
….. one no longer has to wait for that precious and rare ‘Yasmin weds Beji’ invitation card to satisfy a craving for creamy, almond-embellished lagan nu custard. Indeed, today one can stroll across to Jimmy Boy Restaurant at Bombay’s Horniman Circle and nonchalantly order an entire wedding patra.

Of course, the last few years have seen changes—the advent of vegetarian Parsis, salad counters instead of traditional wedding patras and gloved waiters who extricate the fish from its banana-leaf wrapping. By and large, however, Parsis remain mutton-seeking missiles—who certainly won’t let little things like high blood pressure and self-consciousness come between them and their sali ne jardaloo ma gosh and bheja na cutles.

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