Trip Down Nostalgia – Irani Cafes

When the Zoroastrian Iranians came to India in the 19th century, they had no riches and were in search of a better livelihood. Mumbai (Bombay), at that time, was already home to another Zoroastrian community, the Parsis. A couple of Iranians worked in Parsi homes as caretakers and met in the evenings to discuss the life they had left behind, and their future prospects. One evening, a man served tea to everyone and charged them a small amount. The result: A business was born, of serving tea. And this was the beginning of an Irani café.

Courtesy : Ader Gandi

Click Here for the old-world charm of home-baked bread and earthy chai – KRISHNARAJ IYENGAR on Mumbai’s Iranian restaurants, a dwindling legacy.


2 thoughts on “Trip Down Nostalgia – Irani Cafes”

    1. Did Iranis come to India after the Parsis or were they coming to India for trade much prior to parsis arriving in India? My comment is not based on reading any books but what we heard our elders said about the Iranis.

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