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Our Very Own Episode 8 – Dr. Shernaz Cama

Mazda Multimedia is delighted to present to you the EIGHTH Episode of Our Very Own series. Dr. Shernaz Cama – Director, Parzor Foundation speaks at length about her journey in life & selfless service to the Parsi Irani Zoroastrian Community
For your convenience to watch, created a Timeline Guide in minutes
Introduction Address by Mr. Fali Nariman
01. Family – 02.00
02. Phd/ Research – 07.58
03. Unesco – 13.18
04. Everlasting Flames – 15.42
05. Parzor/RTR/Manekshaw – 20.27
06. Iranian Relationship – 35.31
07. Publications- 43.47
08. Friday Forums – 46.24
09. Jiyo Parsi – 49.00
10. Inspirational Mentor
11. Message for the community
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Thanking-you, Sarosh K. Daruwalla
Host – Mr.Navroz Behramfram
Guest Speaker – Dr. Shernaz Cama
Location – Jungalwalla Hall Delhi Parsi Dharamshala
Director of Photography – Rehan S. Daruwalla
Directed by – Aarish S. Daruwalla
Produced by – Sarosh K. Daruwalla || Mazda Multimedia.


The Zoroastrian Association of California Celebrates the 5th Salgreh of their Atashkadeh

The 5th Salgreh of the Zoroastrian Association of California‘s Atash Kadeh was celebrated with great religious fervor and Parsi gusto on the 12th of November. The celebration started a week ago by deep cleaning the premises. On the day of Salgreh, a  Hama Anjuman Sandalwood maachi was offered in all five gehs. Also, two Hama Anjuman Jashans were performed, one in the morning and one in the evening to facilitate the whole community by Ervads Jal Birdy, Zerkxis, and Zarir Bhandara which was attended by about 60 Zoroastrians.

After the Jashans Ervad Bhandara gave an informative talk on different grades of fires, the offering of Machi, in which he briefly gave the history of the enthronement of the fire. He stated that “3 days and nights before the opening of this Atash Kadeh, the Vendidad and Yasna Sadeh and 6 Bajs were performed- under the guidance of Dasturji Dr. Kotwal- on the fire that was burning in our home [Bhandara’s] for the last ten years and from that same fire this Padshah was enthroned”. He concluded the event by thanking the priests, the attendees, and the ZAC executive committee

The fruits for the Jashans were brought by Dolly Malva and Aban Kapadia, and a delicious vegetarian dinner was prepared by Yashmin and Mehernosh Pithawalla and the icing on the cake was the happy Birthday cake prepared by Vira and Burjor Santoke.

Our Very Own Episode 7 – Er. Darayus Bajan


A 6th generation practising Mobed & an excellent academic, religious & ancient Iranian History Scholar who serves Mevawala Agiary with his priestly duties. Do watch this episode to get an insight how to balance priestly and professional obligations.
Host – Ms. Azmin Mistry Vania
Guest Speaker – Er. Darayus Bajan
Location – Mazda Studios
Director of Photography – Rehan S. Daruwalla
Directed by – Aarish S. Daruwalla
Produced by – Sarosh K. Daruwalla || Mazda Multimedia.

Aṣ̌əm Vohū – Kahan Taraporevala – 2021


Aṣ̌əm Vohū Aṣ̌əm vohū vahištəm astī uštā astī uštā ahmāi hyat̰ aṣ̌āi vahištāi aṣ̌əm Truth is best (of all that is) good. True, as desired, as desired, truth is for her who (represents) best truth.

– Ancient Zoroastrian Prayer

The Ashem is one of three ancient prayers in our religion. Its theme is that Virtue or Righteousness is the basis of a good life of purity of thoughts, purity of speech and purity of actions. This text is from the religion I grew up in, Zoroastrianism. Large numbers of our people migrated to India from Ancient Persia. The central pillarstone to this religion is a path of good thoughts, good words and good deeds. Writing this piece has been a great joy as it has been a very personal piece for me. This piece was written without an audience in mind – solely for the performers in the ensemble. It is an attempt at a reflection on our own sense of self.

Choral ensemble: Wynton Gage, Marcus Peterson, Sergey Tkachenko, Nolan Synder, Madeline McCarthy, Miggi Angangco, Ashlyn Brown, Catarine Hancock, Anthony Josep, Jason Edelstein, Charlie Banta, Elijah Bowen, Jake Cozza, Sophia Romaine, Lara Van Vuuren, Sami Copeland, Perri Smith, Zac Leung, Howell Petty, Carmela D’Agostino.

Conductor: Kahan Taraporevala

Discover Zoroastrianism – Podcast

Discover Zoroastrianism

Now on Podcast at


Zoroastrian Teachings on the Environment

In celebration of the Zoroastrian months of Khordad and Avan, we offer a podcast on Khordad Ameshaspand and Avan Yazad and their importance on Water, Rain and Wind.

“Discover Zoroastrianism” podcast is a channel to communicate Zoroastrian teachings, celebrations, and history.

An initiative of

NAMC Institute of Zoroastrian Studies

Our Very Own Episode 6 – Mr. Hanoz Mistry

Sustaining faith and nurturing pride in our time tested religious tenets, customs, traditions, practices and culture, is the need of the hour for the Parsee community. This can provide the community with the required impetus to persevere in the face of obstacles and succeed.

Host – Ms. Spenta Umrigar

Guest Speaker – Mr. Hanoz Mistry

Location – Mazda Studios

Director of Photography – Rehan S. Daruwalla

Directed by – Aarish S. Daruwalla

Produced by – Sarosh K. Daruwalla ||

Mazda Multimedia.

SAMAK THE AYYAR by Jordan Mechner and Freydoon Rassouli – Farhang Connect

Farhang Foundation was proud to welcome authors FREYDOON RASSOULI and JORDAN MECHNER to this latest edition of #FarhangConnect to talk about their latest collaboration on the first ever English translation of SAMAK THE AYYAR, A TALE OF ANCIENT PERSIA for Columbia University Press. The adventures of Samak, a trickster-warrior hero of ancient Iran’s thousand-year-old oral storytelling tradition, are beloved in Iran. Samak is an “ayyar,” a warrior who comes from the common people and embodies the ideals of loyalty, selflessness, and honor—a figure that recalls samurai, ronin, and knights yet is distinctive to Persian legend. Translated from the original Persian by Freydoon Rassouli and adapted by Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner, this timeless masterwork can now be enjoyed by English-speaking readers. A thrilling and suspenseful saga, Samak the Ayyar also offers a vivid portrait of Persia a thousand years ago. About Freydoon Rassouli Freydoon Rassouli is an artist, author, and translator whose books include Fusionart, Rumi Revealed, and The Book of Creativity. His artworks have been exhibited widely, and he painted two major street murals in Venice, California, and downtown Los Angeles. About Jordan Mechner Jordan Mechner is a New York Times best-selling author, screenwriter, graphic novelist, and game designer. He is the creator of Prince of Persia, one of the world’s most successful video game franchises, which he also adapted as a feature film. His books include the Eisner-nominated graphic novel Templar (2013). Take advantage of a special 20% discount on the book by visiting us at… Learn more about #FarhangConnect and watch all our current free episodes at:

Our Very Own Episode 5 – Wings

Mazda Multimedia is pleased to present for your viewing pleasure the Fifth Episode of “Our Very Own” Series.
This episode tells us about how 3 teenagers along with their organising committee came together to host events which took the community by surprise and today its one of the biggest and most elaborate sporting and cultural event in the community.
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