Road to Enterprise

Part 1 : The Rise of the Parsis

The Parsis are one of Indias most well-known business communities. Catch the story of their journey from a predominantly agrarian beginning to the pioneers of Indian industry.

Part 2 :

Naushad Forbes, Co-Chairman, Forbes Marshal, shares his thoughts on his family legacy , the Parsi way of doing business and the way ahead .



Exhibition of Water Colors & Sketches by Danesh Bharucha

Danesh Bharucha is a French Citizen of Indian origin…. his paintings will be part of a cultural exchange program between the two countries. Happy viewing!

Two Zarathushtis (Parsis) mentioned and shown in India’s Republic Day Parade in New Delhi on January 26, 2018

            I was watching live on a subscription TV channel yesterday evening, the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi, India and saw two Zarathushtis (Parsis) –  Ashoka Chakra awardee Major General Cyrus Pithawalla who was one of the national award winners in the beginning part of the parade, standing up in an open vehicle and saluting the President of India as he went past him.  and also a large picture/bust of the late Field Marshall Sam Maneckshaw on a moving truck and his name announced among the three or four outstanding Chiefs of India’s armed forces, when the vehicle went past the dignitaries.
       See parade at link below,  with Major General Cyrus K. Pithawalla passing by at time 1:07:11 or so.
Maneck Bhujwala

Zarathushtis in North America: A FEZANA Perspective

At the end of 2017 FEZANA participated in the Iranshah Udvada Utsav in Udvada, Gujarat, India. As part of the Utsav program FEZANA showcased its activities through this video presentation.

We are happy to share this with you all. The short video provides a very small glimpse of the hundreds of activities, projects and events our 26 member associations and 14 small groups do right through the year and having been doing for decades.

Do share with others and on social media to increase awareness about us….the Zarathushtis of North America !

Not Just Milk & Sugar

Not Just Milk & Sugar is an accessible inquiry into the Zoroastrian faith, its basic teachings, uniqueness, and myths. Through a bedtime story told by a grandfather to his grandson, the relevance of this ancient faith in today’s modern world unfolds as a simple and beautiful ecological message.

A film written & directed by Divya Cowasji, produced by Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India for Jiyo Parsi.

Google Doodle honours Homai Vyarawalla, the ‘First Lady of the Lens’

The country honoured Homai Vyarawalla with a Padma Vibhushan in 2010 (Source: Google Doodle)


Homai Vyarawalla is India’s first woman photojournalist whose lens earned her a reputation for the candid shots of India’s independence movement, the first tri-colour hoisting, the death of Mahatma Gandhi, and others which become a part of national archives. Today, google doodle in its portrait featured Homai Vyarawalla to mark her 104th birth anniversary.

Born in 1913 in a Parsi family in Navsari, Gujarat, Vyarawalla’s childhood was spent on various places as her father worked in a travelling theater company. Besides completing her education from Bombay University and Sir JJ School of Art, she started taking snaps of daily life of mumbaikers and in this way become a professional photographer.

Vyarawalla at her house in Mumbai (Express Photo/Bhupendra Rana/File)

During the turbulent time of second world war in 1942, Vyarawalla got a job at the British Information Services in New Delhi, and also started working with the Bombay-based ‘The Illustrated Weekly of India’ magazine where many of her black and white images were published that became iconic later.

Vyarawalla before receving the Padma Vibhushan award at a function at the Rashtrapati Bhavan (Express Photo/Praveen Jain/File)

The photographs that she clicked were published under the pseudonym ‘Dalda 13’. This number was symbolic as her birth year was 1913, when she was 13-years-old she met her husband and her first car’s registration number was DLD 13.

A year after her husband’s death in 1973, Homai Vyarawalla quit photography and lived alone in Vadodara, Gujarat. In the year 1989, she lost her son and only child. The country honoured her with a Padma Vibhushan in 2010. The iconic lady’s journey came to an end on January 15, 2012.

Google Doodle honours Homai Vyarawalla, the ‘First Lady of the Lens’