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Senior Citizens Centre, Navsari – Celebrates 25 Anniversary

We are pleased to share a short video (12 minutes) that was released yesterday (04 Jan) at a function held at Navsari to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of The WZO Trust Funds – Bai Maneckbai P. B. Jeejeebhoy Senior Citizens Centre, Navsari.
Thanks to the support received, financial as well as by way of good wishes, and cooperation extended by all, the first 25 years have not only gone by in a flash, but have also established our Centre as a role model of a vibrant institution where residents live as an extended family with self respect and dignity.
We are looking forward to your support and cooperation to reach further milestones in the future.
Best Wishes,
Team WZO Trust Funds.
 The WZO Trust Funds,
The WZO Trust for Women & Children,
The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust,
C – 1 Hermes House, 3rd Floor,
Mama Parmanand Marg,
Opera House,
Mumbai 400 004
Tel. Nos: 91 – 22 – 23684451 / 52 / 53

Mushkil Asan Behram Yazad

As children we have grown up hearing the story of Mushkil Asan Behram Yazad every Friday as our parents pray with chana and sakarya daana. This year for religion, we wanted all the children of XYZ’s Behram’s Batallion to not only hear the story but to be able to recite it. What better way to do that than enact a live play of the story.
Zeenia aunty approached us with this idea. We then asked Jenny aunty to help us write the script of the play and Roshan aunty to direct it, who readily agreed. Once the poster was shared on the group, within 10 minutes, we got 25 names for characters of the plays and dances and soon the rehearsals began. The rehearsals went on for more than a month as the language was pure gujrati and Roshan aunty drove us to perfection. Volunteers helped us with the props and stage management, costumes, music and lights for special effects. Now the question was where to get the money for these expenses. So we decided to sell tickets to see our play.
Ava, our president helped us design and print the tickets and within a few weeks we were housefull.
After a whole lot of practice and a grand rehearsal.. the day if the show, 12 November finally arrived.
The Dadar Athornan Madressa hall was packed with eager parents, grandparents, family and friends. Kids were biting their nails with nervousness and some were performing for the first time. Will the music play on time? Will my voice be heard? Will I remember my lines? Were some of the questions running through our minds… But with the help of Mushkil Asan we sailed through beautifully.
The audience applauded our performance with tears and laughter at the same time. Every member enjoyed being part of this play and we are sure they will now recite the story to their parents and join in our prayers to the all mighty Ahura Mazda and the ever helpful Mushkil Asan Behram Yazad.

Incredible Journey Of India’s Parsi Business Community | The Pioneers of Modern India

The Parsi Business Community has left an indelible mark on India’s Corporate World. Parsi business houses owned by the Tata, Wadia and Godrej families are amongst the largest business conglomerates in India. In this special video we explore the interesting journey of the Parsi Community and learn more about Parsi business stalwarts & their unique history.

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