Nari Contractor

The man who laughed at his own misfortune

Mumbai has many beloved sons. Some were born here; some just lived here. Millions come here to change their lives. No one can say who will make it and who won’t. ‘Mumbai is all about fate’, they say. But there have been people who changed the fate of Mumbai itself. Destiny seems to be the silhouette of Nari Contractor’s life.

Nari Contractor┬ánever played for Mumbai. Yet, he is a Mumbai boy. Fate found something so interesting in this man that it never left him alone. While his pregnant mother was returning from a small place called Dohad in Gujarat to Mumbai for his delivery, she began to feel uneasy. Nari’s uncle was the engine driver on that train and his duty was to get over two hours later at Godhra.

Helpless, he told her to get off the train and promised to take her to Mumbai next day. But a son was born to her the same day there. Little did they know that on the basis of this incident Nari would be eligible to play for Gujarat.

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Courtesy : Jehangir Bisney

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