FEZANA’s participation at the Joint Religious Leadership Coordination

Joint Religious Leadership Coordination for the G8 and G20 Summits

On May 17, 2012, the Joint Religious Leadership Coordination for the G8 Summit (JRLCS) gathered representative organizations and delegations from G8 and G20 member communities for a closed meeting at the Berkley Center. The session extended a long history of religious and interreligious organizations using the occasion of global summits to articulate shared moral concerns and articulate policy recommendations. It took place in advance of the 38th G8 Summit at Camp David (May 18-19) and the G20 Summit, in Los Cabos, Mexico (June 16-17). Issues for discussion at the Berkley Center meeting included the Deauville Partnership (regarding governance reforms in light of the Arab Spring), global health, food security, and an array of economic concerns. It resulted in a joint declaration. 

For full Text of Joint Declaration, please visit

Homi D Gandhi
Co-Chair, FEZANA Interfaith Activities Committee

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