The Legacy of Zarathushtra

“The Legacy of Zarathushtra:

An Introduction to the Religion History and Culture of the Zoroastrians (Zarathushtis)”


Edited by Roshan Rivetna

Published by FEZANA, ISBN: 1-883345-03-0, 100 pages, 2002.


Order from:

Parsiana Bookstore, Mumbai,, or

Roshan Rivetna at


Legacy presents the monumental saga of the Zoroastrian faith and its peoples, from ancient origins, covering the Life of Zarathushtra, beliefs and doctrines, ceremonies and rituals, contributions to world religious thought, a historical timeline in the context of world history, art and culture, down to contemporary practice and challenges, all packaged in an attractive, profusely illustrated volume.


Legacy could well serve as “Zoroastrianism 101” for Zoroastrians and non-Zoroastrians  alike. It can be read with pride by our younger generation and used for show-n-tell at school.  It has also been widely used to showcase our religion and community to our North American friends, in interfaith circles, to the media and press, to religion editors and authors of books and encyclopedia.

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