Remembering and Honour Spenta Armaity

બનામે ખુદા!

Dear Zarathushti humdins,


The month is Asfandard, the roz is Asfandard in the year YZ 1381. The day and month are dedicated to Asfandard Ahmeshaspand WHO is female and is also called Spenta Armaity.

Spenta Armaity, is the 5th Ahmeshaspand of the Zoroastrian din.


SpentaArmaity will also be remembered and honoured on the 3rd Gatha day – Spentomard, which falls this year on Wednesday,15th August 2012.


SpentaArmaity presides over Earth ( … just as Ahura Mazda presides over the human kingdom, Bahman Ahmeshpand presides over animal kingdom, Ardibehest over Fire, etc)


SpentaArmaity also means (Divine) Love and Piety or Devotion.


Spenta Armaity teaches us to be humble, not in a doormat-ish way, but filled with humility so that we listen to our Sarosh (voice of conscience) and implicitly do the Will of God.


The opposite of Armaity (obedience) is Taromaity (disobedience to the will of God)


There is of course, strength in humility. There is moral strength in following Ahura’s will.


What is meant by following the Will of God, Ahura Mazda. It is any thought, word and deed which brings us in harmony with God’s Laws of Righteousness.


We have enclosed 3 audio clips, which are snippets of a lecture on Spenta Armaity. The language used is, of course, Gujarati; not academic, but easy to understand day-to-day version of Gujarati.

Spenta Armaity clip 1



Wishing that Spenta Armaity bring true devotion, humility and hence spiritual strength to all.


With best wishes,

Tehemton  B. Adenwalla

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  • Cyrus S. Saiwalla

    Bravo ! Excellent audio clip with correct information. I want to add here two things : Roj is Spendarmad Ameshaspand and Mah is Spendarmad Ameshaspand to be pronounced and not to pronounce ‘Asfandard’ which is in correct. Secondly, at the end of the ‘Kemnamazda’, we recite the last sentence (by bowing and touching the ground) as follows: ‘Nemaschha ya Armaitis Ezaichha’ (3 times) and the Mithra is : Spenta Armaiti ne naman hojo, ke jeo Sahib panch (5) Gathao ne ledhe hamari sambhal rakhe chhe’ meaning : We are being protected by five Gathas. Thus we sincerely express our gratitude to Armaiti.

    Cyrus S. Saiwalla

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