New Parsi-Irani Matrimonial site and Facebook Group

Hi all,

Most of you may already be aware that there is a web-site for Parsi-Irani Matrimonials run by a few dedicated volunteers, since many, many years.

A few months ago, a new Facebook group was also formed, to complement the web-site, as it was felt that since today’s generation is more active on Facebook, it would help to give more exposure to the profiles posted on the web-site.

The web-site and Facebook group are completely free, and meant for Parsi-Irani girls and boys born of both Zarathusti parents.

The admins at both places would like more of our PIZ humdeen to join the groups and post their profile.

Married people are also welcomed so that they can look for boys / girls for their children, friends or relatives.

(see more info in the note given below)

Here are a couple of links for interested people to get started:

Home page of the matrimonial site:

Home page of the Facebook group:

The short note below will help to understand how one can register at the matrimonial web-site.

Both the groups require a new user to register (free) before they are granted access to the member profiles.

Please help to spread this message among your PIZ friends / relatives.

Thank you,



New user registration at Zoroastrian Matrimonials web-site

  • This short write-up is in response to a request for help with registering a new user at the Zoroastrian Matrimonials web-site.

    Overview of process for registering a new user at the Matrimonial web-site

    First goto

    Please go thru the main page – it’s not that long, and gives important do’s / don’ts for the site

    After that, click on the ‘Enter Database’ link at the end of the first paragraph

    A new page will open where, you need to click on the “New Member Sign up” link

    This will open a form-page for entering the new member’s personal details.

    Most of the fields are self-explanatory.

    The one thing you should take care is to select the “Type of Memberships” as “FULL ACCESS”.

    ‘FULL ACCESS’ enables the display of your profile information as per the choices you make during the registration process.

    The other option ‘READ ONLY’ is for people who do not wish to post their profile, but wish to only read – browse thru – the entries in the database (e.g. for Parents / Relatives / Friends looking for matches for their children / family members / friends).

    After entering all the info, click on the ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the page.

    This will send the new profile for validation / approval by the site admins.

    Once your entry is approved, they will send an email at the ID given by you in the form, and the profile will be activated on the web-site.

    After that you can post a request on the group wall to post a doc file for the new user, quoting the user’s name and ID number. One of the admins here will do the rest.

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