Khordad Sal 2

Khordad Sal Mubarak to all. Today sing songs in praise of prophet Zarathushtra. Attached is a note on the significance of Khordad Sal festival.
Marzban Giara

Khordad Sal

The festival of Khordad Sal is considered very significant in our religious rivaayats and the religious texts because on that day Roz Khordad Mah Farvardin the following important events took place relating to our religion and our history:

  1. Dadar Ahura Mazda created the first couple in the world named ‘Mashya’ and ‘Mashyan’.
  2. The first king of ancient Iran Shah Gayomard was born.
  3.  Shah Hoshang of Peshdaad dynasty was born.
  4. Shah Tehmurasp ‘divband’ vanquished Ahriman and the devils.
  5. Shah Faridoon distributed his kingdom among his three sons.
  6. Sam Nariman (the grandfather of Rustam) killed a powerful demon.
  7. Shah Kaikhushru killed Tooranian King Afrasiaab.
  8. Shah Kaikhushru gave up the throne and disappeared.
  9. Prophet Asho Zarathushtra was born.
  10. Asho Zarathushtra received from Dadar Ahura Mazda prophethood and religious revelation.
  11. Shah Gushtasp accepted the Zarthushti religion.

(excerpts from the book Our Zoroastrian Religion by Ervad Fardunji N. Rabadi translated into English by Marzban Jamshedji Giara)

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