E Book – Eat, Live, Pray



Dear Friends:


Just wanted to share a special holiday season gift from FEZANA.


The Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA) celebrated its silver jubilee in 2012.


To mark the iconic occasion, FEZANA produced a special publication titled:


“Eat, Live, Pray: A celebration of Zarathushti culture and cuisine” for free distribution.

FEZANA Silver Jubilee – Eat, Live, Pray – A celebration of Zarathushti culture and cuisine


The e-publication has a sampling of special Persian and Parsi recipes complemented by features that describe the social, religious and geopolitical influences on Zarathushti cuisine over a span of four thousand years.


Please feel free to share this fabulous publication with your family and friends.


Long Live FEZANA and our fabulous North American Zarathushti community.


You all have a blessed and joyous holiday season.


With love, light and gratitude from


Meher Amalsad


One thought on “E Book – Eat, Live, Pray”

  1. How can anyone with any morals “share with pride” writings of others used without the consent of the author.

    The lack of common courtesy, is not only appalling, it also allows for earlier reported mistakes in printing to be repeated.

    A good recipe and a whole lot of effort to be ultimately consigned to the waste-bin.

    Is it what this Journal has come down to?

    Rusi Sorabji

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