Why Parsis are India’s finest citizens

I’m delighted a Parsi has taken over this week from Ratan Tata as head of Asia’s greatest corporation. I have strong feelings in this matter but I don’t think they come from prejudice. That would indicate judging without information if not experience and I have plenty of both here.


……..The other thing is the single most important and most overlooked fact about Tata Sons: it is owned by charitable trusts. Ratan Tata owns less than one per cent of the firm, and Cyrus Mistry, who is now chairman, is also a minority shareholder. Two-thirds of its stock is held by bodies such as the Sir Ratan Tata Trust and the Dorabji Tata Trust, which send their profits, thousands of crores of rupees, to charity………….


This made them unusual in a nation where the culture is opportunistic. Our wealthy credit god for their fortune, not society. The Birlas built India’s biggest urban temples and the Ambanis built for themselves the greatest residence in human history. If the creation of wealth has a purpose, as Andrew Carnegie explained it in his writing, Indians haven’t learnt it yet.

It is the Parsi Tatas who showed us that wealth was for the advance of society. That is why he builds institutions of science, medicine and culture………

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  • Tatas only care for their name to be remembered in future, whereas the Birlas and Ambanis have done charity and also taken care of their community at the same time. Tatas are mainly responsible for the destruction of the Parsi Community and disrespect shown by other members of the other community towards Parsis. In the annals of history, they can be compared to Alexandar, Islamic Arab Rulers and Mongolians for destroying the Parsi Zoroastrian religion. They have done what the above could not do. They have brought total disunity in the community.

    • You are right in some ways but still certain parts are not agreeable for the Tatas. Let me know your city of residence, your age and some background about you. Then I will be able to reply better. Thanks

  • I fully agree with Piloo Dotiwala. Tatas have totally destroyed the Parsi Community in India. There is no difference between Tatas and Alexandar. They prefer to help non-Parsi first than help a honest and hardworking Parsi. Industrialists from other communities have always helped their communities first. The Tata should go and see the Poor Parsi of Navsari and how they live in absolute poverty. Not to mention Tatas have forgotten that Jamshedji Tata was born in Navsari and today Poor Parsi are dying in the villages of Navsari. It is very shameful. Tatas has worried only about them and not about the Parsi community or their religion. Even western countries are protecting their communities first. We hope Cyrus Mistry being a true Parsi wakes up to this reality and helps the Parsi community. We Parsi are very intelligent and we need a medical and engineering college for our children to study, as we do not get admission in government colleges. Tata should help the Parsi youth by starting a Medical College so that Parsi youths can get admission to Parsi run Colleges.

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