Zoroastrian Hymns


A collection of 13 devotional hymns composed by Kavi Firoz Batliwalla in the 19th century and sung by music maestro Vistasp Balsara and Dhunnawaz Indorewalla is now available on an audio CD.


The meanings of all our daily basic prayers such as Ashem Vohu, Yatha Ahu Vairyo, Shekaste shekaste shaitan, Kemna Mazda, Hormazd Khodae, Jasme Avanghe Mazda, Jamvanee Baj, Sarosh Baj, Atash Niyaesh, Ahmai Raescha, Hazangarem, Jasme Avanghe Mazda, Kerfeh Mozd are rendered in songs in Gujarati.


Listening to these songs in the comfort of your home is a delightful experience. A song becomes a hit when it is sung and played over and over again. So let us play and sing these hymns at public functions on festive occasions in our homes, colonies, baugs. It is hoped that these soul uplifting songs will usher joy, happiness and peace in the family and Parsi community.

The attachment has the lyrics of Gujarati songs transliterated into English by me.

Zoroastrian Hymns_Lyrics

Price Rs.100/-.

Available from Marzban Jamshedji Giara, Dhanmai Building, 667, Lady jehangir Road, Dadar Mumbai 400014. e-mail: marzbang@gmail.com Tel. 022- 24166204


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