What is the right time to celebrate Navroze in your city?

What is the right time to celebrate Navroze in your city?

Here is a detailed  listing provided at the “ 7seen.com” i.e.  Haft Seen .com

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However to arrive at a more  accurate time for  your  city please note the  following.

Navrooz is that exact split second time, when the Sun crosses over from the Southern hemisphere into the Northern.

The timings given in the Tabulation for Indian cities is based on Indian Standard Time, calculated and based on  82.5 degrees East longitude. 

(Bombay) Mumbai is about 72.5 deg East and (Calcutta) Kolkatta about 88.2 deg E. Delhi about 77.12 deg E.  The Sun takes  4 minutes for every one degree

Hence the exact time should vary from those given for these cities. Check the time in the Fire Temples in Mumbai, you’ll find it is 40 minutes behind the IST. 

Similarly (Calcutta) Kolkata 22.8 minutes is earlier than IST,  and Delhi is 21.52 minutes behind.    

Karachi 67.1 E  being further West than (Bombay) Mumbai would be 61.6 minutes behind IST. 

You may be able to arrive at a more accurate time for the 3 cities, by adding or subtracting the figures indicated here-in above from the IST time given in the attached tabulation

Check out  the  correct time for  your  city  rather  than go by the  Time Zone your city/town falls in. Remember it is  4 minutes plus or minus  for every degree that you place longitude and your time zone longitude is based on.

 Rusi Sorabji


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