Kusti Size Calculator

Approx Khushti (Kasti  Kushti) Size.. Hope it helps

Kusti Size Calculation

The waist size measurement is in inches


Courtesy : Zubin Phiroze Wadia








Er. Dr. Ramiyar P. Karanjia (Principal of the Dadar Athornan Madressa) has written an article in JAME JAMSHED.  He mentions that besides the 3 rounds of our waist, we should add an extra 10 inches to allow for :

  • Looseness around the waist,
  • The front and back knots,
  • The 2 Laris and
  • Shrinkage over a period of time, on account of regular washing.

So how long do you need to buy? The formula : [(Waist length in inches x 3) + 10] / 27  ………………..Firdosh Tolat


8 thoughts on “Kusti Size Calculator”

  1. Good and Thank You Mr. Zubin P Wadia
    Note: In case one does Not have the above Ready Reconer,
    Calculate yourself:
    27-inches = 1.0 Gaz

  2. What a usefull thing. I am sure lot of people can use this. Thanks for your concern & effort. Please Let me knw where I can find pyayer CD by Dastoorji with authentic pronounciation. Thanks…Freny

  3. Zubin, This is a wonderful you have done for the community and we all thank you very much.

    Cheers, Shehrnaz – ZS

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