Statue of Zoroaster in New York


“Author William Culican remarks that the “Laws of the Medes and Persians” became a by-word of judicial incorruptibility and harshness, throughout the subject lands.  Execution by crucifixion is a Persian inventionIt was theZoroastrians who gave the world legal principles enshrined in the law of evidence and procedure.  Legal concepts like arbitration, release on bail, representation by a lawyer, power of attorney and execution of wills are of Persian origin, later picked up by the Greeks and Romans.

In recognition of Zoroastrian contribution to the development of law, a statue of Zoroaster stands in the Court of the Appellate Division (near Madison Square and 23rd Street) with other law givers like Moses, Manu, Charlemagne and Alfred the Great.”


Courtesy : Rusi Sorabji


  • Binaifer Cyrus Hadvaid

    I am proud to be a Zoroastrian by faith. We follow the principles of Good thoughts, Good Words and Good deeds.
    We are a handful in number but we do make a great impact with our honestyand hardworking attitude in life. Our motto is to lead a simple life help all and do charity.

  • I am indeed BLESSED to be born in A Zoroastrian Family & I Pray to AHURA MAZDA to always give Me birth in a Zoroastrian home where We are taught tolerence, humanity & how to be humble.

  • Mehernosh Billimoria

    In Atash niash prayers Atash padshah expects from Every Zaorastrians the stated below.
    I have given you wealth and Prosperity,.
    I command you all that it is for you and to be shared
    With those who are less fortunate.
    This is the reason I am proud to be Zaorastrian.

  • I never knew that a Statue has been put up …
    We Zoroastrian s…are so proud of it …
    I am thankful I am born as a Zoroastrian….
    God bless our community..& MAY OUR TRIBE INCREASE….

  • How wonderful that America recognised such diverse prophets, thinkers and philosophers as mentioned at the end. How wonderful that they have given our beloved prophe and our ancestors, their due. Thank you, America🙏God bless your open mindedness😊

  • Farideh is right .America is a great country .Our religion is so much resourseful in mankind service that is known and respected in many parts of the world.I hope we honestly practice our religion which says GOOD THOUGHTS, GOOD WORDS and GOOD DEEDS

  • i’m so proud of being an Iranian , it has been a while, that i felt that way, for a very Obvious reasons, even though i have Being an atheist for a long time 35 to 40 yrs, having the sculpture of Zoroaster in Madison Square is huge cuz it has no political reason behind it , it’s a truth and facts, he is the original prophet , if you check torah and Bible, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out that they copied from Avesta

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