Statue of Zoroaster in New York


“Author William Culican remarks that the “Laws of the Medes and Persians” became a by-word of judicial incorruptibility and harshness, throughout the subject lands.  Execution by crucifixion is a Persian inventionIt was theZoroastrians who gave the world legal principles enshrined in the law of evidence and procedure.  Legal concepts like arbitration, release on bail, representation by a lawyer, power of attorney and execution of wills are of Persian origin, later picked up by the Greeks and Romans.

In recognition of Zoroastrian contribution to the development of law, a statue of Zoroaster stands in the Court of the Appellate Division (near Madison Square and 23rd Street) with other law givers like Moses, Manu, Charlemagne and Alfred the Great.”


Courtesy : Rusi Sorabji

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  • Binaifer Cyrus Hadvaid

    I am proud to be a Zoroastrian by faith. We follow the principles of Good thoughts, Good Words and Good deeds.
    We are a handful in number but we do make a great impact with our honestyand hardworking attitude in life. Our motto is to lead a simple life help all and do charity.

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