So, what is on your plate today?

For the fun-loving Parsi community, one of the most integral elements of a good life is a grand, tasty meal.

Think Parsi food and there are some trademark dishes that are bound to instantly pop up in your head. Be it the Dhansak or the Patra ni Macchi or the Sali Boti or Marghi or the Mutton Palav and then of course there’s the Lagan nu custard, Parsi cuisine is famous for all this and much more lip-smacking fare. In fact, if there is one thing Parsis swear by, it’s a good scrumptious meal. Yes, no Parsi function is complete without good food, a couple of drinks and some foot-tapping music to dance to.

Famed Parsi caterer Tanaz Godiwala describes her community, Parsis, or Bawas as they are affectionately called, as a community that’s all about food, food and more food. “The best part of our cuisine is that we eat king-sized. For us food is all about grandeur and comfort,” she says.

We asked some famous Parsis across different genres about their three all-time favourite dishes and what about this cuisine they love the most.

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