If only Bapsybanoo had left all this money to the Parsees!

Bapsybanoo Pavry was born Miss Bapsy Pavry of Bombay, the daughter of a Parsi Head Priest, the Most Rev. Khursheedjee Pavry. 

Bapsy was in England from a young age and the Bombay beauty was considered to be quite a socialite. So much so that in 1952 Bapsy married the 16th Marquess of Winchester and became the Marchioness of Winchester – thought to be the only to become the only Indian Marchioness in history. Her husband, the widower Marquess was 90 years old at the time and had already been married twice before but had no children. 

It is said, within weeks, Marquess Henry Paulet left her for another woman, thought to be Eve Fleming, mother of Bond author Ian Fleming. The Marchioness left the Hampshire city and never returned. But
Marchioness’s £500K wish granted 14 years after her death
in June 2009, room in the Guildhall was refurbished and renamed after her with a huge portrait of her taking pride of place.  “People will finally know who she was, which is what she wanted.”


  • what ever she did was right according to her , i some times despair of Parsees and their wish for unearned for money and fame , what would benifit most parsees is a good swift kick in pants and to work from dawn to dusk 6 am to 12 in night that is way to get a fortune and build a name

    first thing we have to do is encourage every parsee to earn a living stand on the road sell cards , do some thing do not bother about fake honor and respect

    get into some buisness no matter how small trust your self not your community and clan trust funds leave that for those who are physically and mentally challenged

    • Who do you think you are ? Sitting on a perch, preaching to other Parsis, not as blessed nor as fortunate as you are. Are you not more than a bit harsh on your less fortunate Zarthosti brothers and sisters, in the manner in which you have pontificated, without understanding their plight???

      The only part I’am in agreement with you is, wishing for unearned money, not being correct.

      Have some empathy, or have forgotten the basis of being a good human being. All that you have said could have been toned down a bit.

  • Just wishing for things to happen, unearned, instead of making it happen is undesireable, setting a bad example for all Parsis.

    Are we not to question the scource of funds or any and every contribution is welcome ????

    Am sure the Head Priest, her father, must have been most displeased to say the least, at the choices she made.

    It’s best that such funds when not received are also not regretted.

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