Collision of Religion and Society

(Text of Paper presented at the Parliament of World Religions, Chicago, 1993 as a representative of the Parliament and not as a member of a religious group. The issues addressed are universal in nature.)      


Collision of Religion and Society

    Pervin J. Mistry



Religion and Society together present the Oneness of Life and the Oneness of Humanity. Religion did not originate with primitive mankind out of fear. It is a moral code of conduct and has existed from the time mankind appeared on earth. It is a relationship between the Creator and His creation. It fulfils the will of God.

            Life and Religion are both interwoven. The purpose of Religion is to know about Life and the purpose of Life is to be reunited to God through Religion. Every moment of life, every thought, every word, every deed, is an act of Religion. It is Universal and ALL Religions ARE universal because the SOURCE is the same.

            God is one! Religion, per se, is One. The Heart of our Solar System is also One – which is our Sun. But, the Sun cannot function alone. It needs all the planets to perform Its task and divide Its light into different spectrums. In the same way, Divinity also needs all the different Religions to perform the task of spiritual evolution for Mankind. Just as every planet is needed to form the family of the Sun, each and every Religion is required to promote the spiritual development of the family of Humanity.

            All Religions are based on Truth found in the Laws of Nature. These Laws of Nature – such as birth and death, night and day, tides –  are Eternal and Immutable. Nature doesn’t change Its Laws for us just because we do not like or do not understand them. To guide Mankind to live in harmony WITH Nature, our Prophets have formulated their teachings on Nature’s Immutable Truth. Let no man think he can change Truth. Truth, if it changes, is no Truth to begin with! Our own perception of Truth changes, but NOT the TRUTH Itself!


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Courtesy : Hushang Vakil

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