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1) The BBC WORLD NEWS, INDIA TELECAST SHOW will feature my interview on Jiyo Parsi Programme on Sunday 20th Oct, at 11 a.m., 
2) The NDTV show, WE THE PEOPLE on the same day, 20th Oct  at 8 p.m. will have Barkha Dutt asking my views  on the show on marriage trend in Parsi community and how best we plan to make the “Jiyo Parsi” Programme a success.
23rd September 2013, will always be remembered in the history of Parsi community, as we few Parsis were fortunate to witness the momentous “Jiyo-Parsi” Scheme launch and were appreciated for the community’s contributions in almost all fields – business, medicine, law, industry, music, arts and many others.
The Honourable Minister Mr K Rahman Khan expressed deep concern for the major problem facing the Parsi community namely that of declining population & further expressed that this was a small step by Ministry of Minority Affairs, (MOMA)  to pay their debt to the Parsi community  & also reemphasized that we cannot afford to lose this community with such remarkable contributions.
An amount of Rs. 10 crores has been sanctioned by MOMA to  correct the population decline by targeting infertility as a cause, so that the Parsi community will attempt to increase the number of births by correcting infertility by this Scheme.
At this function held in New Delhi, my appointment as Director for this 12th Planning Commission, 4 year Programme  “Jiyo Parsi” was formally announced after which I was requested to make my presentation on  : An Overview of the  Parsi community, how this Programme will impact the declining population and ways in which we propose to implement the Programme.
In 2001, Census data showed a Parsi population in India of only 69,601 and the worldwide population to be approximately 1,00,000. Infact estimates that with 12% decrease of population per decade, there will be only 36,730 Parsis by 2050 and 19,382 Parsis by 2100.
A study conducted recently by Dr Shroff  at Harvard University, confirmed that low fertility is chiefly responsible for the dramatic decrease in the Parsi population & therefore, only a dramatic increase in fertility can arrest this trend and bring about the existence of a viable and demographically stable Parsi community in Mumbai. The causes of low fertility rate are not per se biological infertility, but that arising due to late marriae and late conception.
To make this program successful, the key elements are right mindset, cooperation within community members and most importantly working strategically with correct focus.

Through the collective wisdom of our community members, community leadership and religious leadership, we can & must save our beautiful community from becoming extinct.
Please find Photos attached of Jiyo – Parsi Launch function
Kind Regards,
Dr Zinobia Madan,
Founder & Managing Director
ClinOma Healthcare
Honorary Consultant in Lifestyle Medicine
Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre
Director – ‘Jiyo Parsi’ Programme
Cell : 9820606934.
Here is the link to the BBC segment for those who missed it http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-24582607

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  • Yazdi, thank you for this information. Could you, please, request Dr Zinobia Madan to consider uploading both these programmes on YouTube.

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