Video documentary on Persepolis, Pasargadae, Persian Empire

                Following is a great documentary on Persepolis, Pasargadae and the Persian empire which I got from Mr. Noshir Irani. It is narrated by Dr. Lloyd Lwellyn Jones and Dr. Maria Brosius of the University of Newcastle, Wales. They state that the Persian empire was the greatest empire in antiquity built uniquely on the principle of tolerance. They also stated that Alexander who destroyed Persepolis was the greatest hooligan who destroyed a city which was a symbol of civilization, and in doing so it ironically showed that the Greeks who claimed to be the originators of civilization and who called Persians as barbarians, did in fact prove themselves to be barbarians who destroyed a civilized empire by destruction, looting, and killing of civilians in a city which was defenceless.
Copy and Paste this link to see the video:

Persepolis – once called the richest city under the sun

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This documentary is very interesting (46:24 minutes long).
It’s one of the few that does the justice and does not stereo-type Persians as tyrants andbarbarians.   
Highly recommend it. Watch it with your family.
Courtesy : Maneck Bhujwala

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