Info regarding Any Zoroastrian Events/Functions in Feb 2014

In Need of Info regarding Any Zoroastrian Events/Functions in Feb 2014 for American Couple

Allow me to introduce myself as Mrs. Perezina Poonawala (nee Limbuvala) from Bangalore. Grown up and educated in Mumbai, I moved to Bangalore 20yrs ago as a Corporate Flight Attendant with a conglomerate for many years. I am now a Knowledge Management Content Writer with an Indo-German boutique Travel Company (HQ-Munich) specializing in tailor-made travels to India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, South America, Africa last several years.

We recently had an unusual request from an elderly American couple (the gentleman was with the United States Foreign Service in the 80’s stationed in Pakistan) visiting India in Feb, 2014 as our company guests. They will bein Mumbai from Feb 17th – 19thstaying at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel (Heritage Wing). They happen to know about us Parsi’s, and as a special request in their India travel itinerary, have asked us if we could organize for them to be able to witness any type of Parsi event or function or ritual ceremony…eg. Navjote ceremony/Wedding ceremony/Jashan, etc, which would give them more insight into our community and culture. 

 Naturally, being a Parsi myself, I have been entrusted with this request. I am very interested to know if there is anything that can be arranged for them during their already planned and booked stay dates (they arrive on Feb 17th and leave Feb 19th, so preferably on Feb 18th)…even a traditional lunch at a Parsi home at the very least (chargeable where required)..would be appreciated. If there is anyone who has a Navjote or Wedding at a ‘baug’ and does not mind this couple simply witnessing the rituals of the ceremony (does not need to stay for dinner/lunch thereafter), it would be highly appreciated.

I would be most gratified and appreciative if someone could make this rare yet touching request a reality, especially by a foreign couple showing a penchant for knowledge about us Parsi’s. Anything at all that would provide some cultural insights about our community to them would be ideal.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Many Thanks for your time…

Perezina Poonawala <>

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