Religious Concept of Palak and Adoption


To answer a question :

“Can you please clarify on adoption of a pure parsi child (no offenses, i mean a child whose both parents are Parsis) by a pure Parsi childless couple….thru mutual agreement based on various personal social reasons.”

K F Keravala has suggested the reference to an article written by Dasturji K N Dastoor MeherjiRana.

This article has been published in the back issues of DINI AVAZ.[1]

Click here to read the clarification.

[1] Religious Concept of Palak and Adoption, Dasturji K N Dastoor MeherjiRana(Navsari), DINI AVAZ, Vol. 7 No.5.


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  • The question is very simple and straight forward, deserves a simple YES or NO as an answer. Which is NOT given.
    The reason for the answer given may then be supplemented with the ‘clarification’ article attached.
    I’am sorry but am still confused as to why the answer– if NO —- in this case, would be correct/logical in the religious perspective???

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