The Parsee Vegetarian and Temperance Society

If you are a Parsi vegetarian and / or know any, please share…


The Parsee Vegetarian and Temperance Society intends to compile a directory of vegetarian Parsi/Irani Zoroastrians.

We appeal to Zoroastrian vegetarians who would like their names to feature in the directory to send in their names, bio datas and addresses to:


The Parsee Vegetarian and Temperance Society,

30-B, R. P. I. House, 4th Floor,

Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort,

Bombay 400001;

tel: 022-22870795 ; email:



Trustee, The Parsee Vegetarian and Temperance Society


  • I am a Parsi Vegetarian

  • Pesi M.Karbhari

    Have u received my Bio-data to be included in your Directory on parsi vegetarians sent by courier? May I know when the Directory will be published. I am 96 years old Pesi M.Karbhari, a strict vegeterian.

  • I was vegeterian till 2016 March for past twenty years. But now I’m vegan since last year so no eggs, no dairy for me as well. Happy to hear about this community through friend from the Gujarati community.. Feels good. May our tribe grow

  • I am in need of Shudh Uchhar Khordeh Avesta. I am in USA and my mother in law will be coming in about a month. Would it be possible to courier it to her? She is in Salsette, Andheri. I am willing to pay the cost for sending it via a courier. I tried emailing but does not appear that email address is correct.

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