Parsi Malido

Malido, by its sheer audacity, makes our list. Before you express incredulity at its inclusion in the list, please be sure that you have eaten authentic Malido. Most Agiyaries (fire-temples) serve such bad Malido that our younger generation has never been privy to the original thing. The secret of a great Malido lies in its texture. The ordinary bad Malido is brownish, stone hard, without hemoglobin and inedible. The ultimate item is like Cindy Crawford (the former 90’s supermodel with the famed silken complexion so perfect that if a droplet of water was placed on the nape of her neck, it would travel down to her ankle, without dissipating) – golden hued, blended to perfection, feather light on the tongue, endearing aroma and silken smooth. The divine vibrations of prayers at Jashans and Fareshtas (angels) with the Malida centrally placed, renders it more delightful. Malido is as Parsi as you can get. The royal splendor of Malido is enhanced, if eaten fresh and slightly warm. Along with a unique Parsi bread called the Papri (not to be confused with the vegetable). The salty taste of the Papri bringing out the inherent flavor of the Malido. A unique Parsi sweetmeat, indeed.

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