Vignettes from Parsi History & Prospect

An Update of:

Vignettes from Parsi History & Prospect – and the What IF?…Factors!

aka – Parsinustan ne Kahanis.

(Stories from Parsis’ Homeland)

For the Diaspora ‘Y-Gen’ Z’hamdins; who should known,

but are – Too Busy? or Not Bothered!

To ask about their Heritage.

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Update has the following articles added to the ‘2012 first issue’ of this e-paper for the hamdins.

– The Wadia Dynasty of India – Renowned ship builders and their legacy of philanthropy.

– The Godrej Group – From humble beginnings to a Giant Industrial Conglomerate.

– The Parsis’ contribution to – Hyderabad State under the NIZAMS.

– Burjorji Jamaspji Padshah – A versatile Parsi Genius.

– Sir Hormusjee C. Dinshaw – Adenwalla . . . . In the Days of Empire.

– Bapsybanoo Pavry – The Marchioness of Winchester.

– Sir Dhanjishah B. Cooper – An Enlightened Industrialist & first PM of Bombay Presidency.

– Manockjee Cursetjee Shroff – A reformer and proponent of female education in India.

– Khan Saheb – Erv Kavasji H. Dadachanji – A self-tutored Architect & Civil Engineer/Contractor.

– Rustom C. Cooper – The one that got away.

– Ardeshir Rustomji Dastur – The Parsi-Canadian Nuclear Physicist.

– Sam Tata – Shanghai born; highly respected Parsi-Canadian photographer and raconteur.

– Sir Jehangir Jivaji Ghandy – One of the first of the new breed of Parsi technocrats.

– Sir Hormasji Peroshaw Mody – A multifaceted personality.

– Life & Times of the India’s ‘Steel Man’ – apro Russi Mody.

– NAMO complements the Parsis – ‘Prays to Iranshah for more Parsis’ contribution tothe Nation’

– A distraught Bawaji’s musings. – My End Notes: for the Parsis to Seriously Consider.


Edul Kanga.


++Vignettes from Parsi History & Prospect – What IF…!

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