Ses Sangarwani

Ses Sangarwani

  1. Very big for the Navjote, Wedding ceremonies.

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  2. Small one for Birthdays etc. at home.


What SES contains :

Ses is made of Silver or German Silver it can be plain or decorative and contains a Big or Small Khumchi/khumcho Soparo, Gulabas, Kankoo dani,

Wash, polish (if required) and wipe clean.

What you put in:

  1. Soparo …open and put in few grains of rice, 3-5 batasa (optional)
  2. Gulabas ….open and put in rose water
  3. Kankoo dani…open and put in little kankoo and with rose water make a paste to do teeli (you many also put in a matchstick if u wish)
  4. In the Khumchi/Khumcha put in Soparo, Gulabas,Kankoodani,
  5. 3-5 Paan, Full Badam, Kharek, Sakar, Sopari .
  6. 3-5 Batasa (optional)
  7. Small bowl of sweet curd
  8. New cleaned COCONUT.
  9. One Silver coin Laxmi/Jarthost etc. (optional)
  10. Silver fish if you have (optional)
  11. One handkerchief/ tissues to wipe your hands of kankoo.
  12. Garland for the SES
  13. Garland/garlands for who are doing sagan/teeli
  14. Envelopes/Gifts
  15. For a girl/Bride put bangles on the sopara.

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