Engagement Ceremony – Adravanoo

ENGAGEMENT- ADRAVANOO  (if it has not been a long engagement before the wedding it is usually done 4 days before the wedding day.)

Marriage festivities generally last for four days.  In this case Engagement takes place in the morning . The first of these is called Madav–soro, when a twig of tree, generally a mango-tree twig, is planted near the door, symbolises of wish of fertility

Second and Third days are known for Varadh-Patara days when religious ceremonies in honour of the dear departed is performed in the morning and Adarni ceremony is done in the evening) as explained below:


Boy’s  Side

What all you will need to  keep ready:

*Follow all the procedure from Sagan ni reet to get the home ready to welcome the in-laws.

*Chalo Ses ne Sangariye ….Get the BIG SES Ready as per details given  in ‘SES’ sangarvani. 

What you need to keep ready from Boy’s side

  1. One full set of Red/Maroon saree, Blouse, petticoat, Sadro, underwears, kasti, scarf, hankerchief, 5-7 red Bangles, sagan-nu envelope.
  2. Shoes
  3. Dahi Machli na sagan ni Saree , blouse, petticoat or OR Earings or cash envelope.
  4. One silver coin to put in the Divanu glass.
  5. Silver Ring Mother –in-Law first puts it on the Daughter-in-law.
  6. Engagement Ring new one or one from the set


Arrange tray for Dahi Machli

  1. 3-5 fresh fish (not practical) or Mawa ni boi or chocolate ni boi.
  2. One bowl of sweet curd
  3. Khadi Sakar
  4. In one small bowl dry kunkoo (sagan-nu)
  5. Garland the tray.

Keep  2  Achoo Michoo trays  ready near the door before you leave one for when you return with the bride and another for when the Girl’s side come over to Boy’s house.


Chalo Adravva Jaiye ne Vahumai ne ghere laviye

On good muhrat time boy’s side  leave with 5 to 7 women  for the girl’s house. Boy does not come along, he stays back.

On their arrival at the girl’s  house, the girl’s mother will do Aachhoo-michoo and welcome them in.

The girl is then  invited to stand with her right foot first on the patla and mother-in-law will do the sagan. First she will do tilli on the girl’s right foot, then left and then on the forehead.  Then put on the garland. Then give her Coconut along with Paan, sopari, badam, kahrek, batasa and few grain of rice.   She is then given the engagement saree set (keep the saree aside)  along with kasti . Take a small piece of sakar or batasa dip it dahi and feed the bride (Monoo mithoo karavanoo)  Mother in-law sticks few grains of rice on the bride’s forehaead and takes overna and girl gets off the patla with her right foot.  She will then go in (leave the saree out) and changes the clothes prays and ties the new kasti wears the new shoes and comes out to stand on the patla again…..

(while the girl is changing her clothes the girl’s  is requested to  removes one or two   Mawa-ni-boi from boy’s tray and puts one sagan nu envelope in the tray. And the boy’s mother puts a coin in the diva praying that the families always remains united to –gether with their children)

When the bride  has changed and comes out she is made to stand on the Patla and Mother in law has to put little rose water and two three grains of rice and tie a small loose knot. This is called saree no chero thando karvano.  Now  with the help of other women who have accompanied her,  helps her to drape the engagement saree on the bride.  and drape the saree, matha par sor karvani, and now put on the  garland,  do all the sagan again, and put on two red Bengals and puts on silver ring and give her coconut, paan, sopari, badam, sakar etc in hand along with an envelope.  You may also give  Dahi Machli ni reet ni earings (you may use the earings from the Jewelry  set/or set of clothes along with an envelope. Give her sakar and dahi, take ovarna and hug her tight and welcome her to your family,  let her get off the patla with her right foot. Sprinkle little rose water.

Everyone sits to enjoy the refreshments.

After that all the ladies who have accompanied  (first to Mother-in-law) or 5 or 7  should be made to stand on the patla and do sagan, garland  give coconut and envelope. (the amount can be previously discussed so that the boys side and add little more and keep the envelopes ready from their side)

Put little rose water on the patla.

The boy’s side now leave along with the to be  happy daughter-in-law ,  and take along the Ses, Dahi Machli ni tray with the bowl of dahi, all the envelopes, coconuts and garlands and Sasu (mother-in law’s vago). 

when  they arrives home, mother-in-law  will enter the house first  and does achoo michoo and takes the daughter inside the house (Right foot first in) where to be Groom is anxiously J waiting her arrival.


Chalo  Baddha  Jamai –Raja-ne- Sungarva-Jaiye

What to keep ready for  Engagement Ses

Girl’s side

1.Envleope with little more than what was gifted  to the Bride.(Known as engagement vaga na rupiya).

If you have pure silver fish you can get it polished and keep or buy new (optional) to be given away to the daughter as sign of Good Luck.

2.Gold Shirt Buttons for Dahi Machli na sagan-na along with an envelope

3.One Silver Ring (Mother-in-law puts on the Bride Groom)

3.One Ring for the Engagement (Gold, white gold, Diamond) whatever is previously planned.

4.One Silver coin to put in the Diva

5. A bouquet (optional) One  Big Garland

Sakar Tapka ni Tray

  1. Fill the tray with Khadi Sakar
  2. Small silver glass with dry Kankoo (sagan-nu)
  3. Put a garland on the tray

Dahi Machli ni Tray

1.Five Mawa or Chocolate boi

2.Dahi Machli no bowl –Small bowl of German silver, or cut-glass  filled with sweet curd.

3.If you wish you put one silver ring or coin for sagan.

4.Put a garland on the tray.

Both the above trays you have to leave at the Boy’s house.



Girl’s side family leaves with 5-7 ladies  with all the  Ses and two trays to go to the Boy’s house.

When they arrive at the Boy’s house , the boy’s mother does Achoo Michoo and welcomes them in…

Son-in- Law is welcomed to come and stand on the patla, Mother-in-law do es the sagan and along with coconut, paan…… give one envelope for engagement Put on the Silver ring on his finger, gives him an envelope along with the Dahi Machli na tirth na Gold Shirt Buttons.  Ovarna lai ne hug him and now invite the Bride  also to the patla  to the left side of the boy (if u wish you may do teeli again) and let both the children exchange their Engagement rings. (First boy will put the ring on the girl’s finger and then girl will put the ring on the boy’s finger.  KISS J.  Everyone takes ovarna and meets the bridal couple with their gifts/wishes.

Girl’s mother Puts one silver coin in the diva, and wish well for both the families to remain united always.

Serve Refreshments.

After that all the ladies who have accompanied or 5 or 7  should be made to stand on the patla and do sagan, garland  give coconut and envelopes to everyone.  (the amount can be previously discussed so that the boys side and add little more and keep the envelopes ready from their side)

The couple  may  now go the Agiary/Atashbehram  to take the blessings of AhuraMazda and AtashPadsha.  When they  will return home to Boy’s house,  take ovarna with rice and welcome them home.

The Bride will remain with the Groom for lunch and while the Girls family leaves to go home with their Ses, invite both the children to come home for Dinner in the evening.

In the evening when the Bridal couple leaves home to go Girl’s house, do sagan to the girl, if you wish make her wear the new clothes give her one box of sweet coconut and an envelope.

When the Bridal couple comes home to Girl’s house do Achoo Michoo and take them in with their right foot forward.

After Dinner when the Boy leaves to go home do sagan to the Boy, give him one box of sweet, coconut and an envelope.

When the Groom returns home in the night  Boy’s mother takes overna and takes him in at home.

Courtesy : Thrity Tantra (thrity@on-lyne.com)


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