Achoo Michoo Ceremony

Achoo Michoo Ceremony 

What to keep ready:

  1. One Small Thali/ Khumchi called achoo michoo ni ses.
  2. One Cleaned coconut (remove the husk so breaking becomes easier)
  3. 3-5 Paan, Kharek, Sopari, Badam,harad no Gathio, Sakar, Bataso (optional),
  4. One Full Raw Egg
  5. One plastic/aluminum foil tray to break the egg in
  6. One table spoon rice in a small bowl/vati
  7. One small Katli/glass of water


How to do Achoo Michoo

When they arrive at the door….let one person hold the Achoo Michoo Ses and stand next to the person who is welcoming guests in..First :

  1. You may put a Paper tray on the left side of your tray (optional0
  2. Take egg and take it around the person/persons seven times and BREAK it on the right side of the person who is entering.
  3. Now take Paan, Sopari, Kharek, Harad, Sakar, Badam with little rice, hold all together and take it around seven times and throw on the right side. (In the villages they throw it behind in the compound)
  4. Then take Coconut again take it around seven times and BREAK it on the right side (you may take help of a male member if you wish and put little water on the threshold of the door) and put it on the right side.
  5. Now your ses only has rice bowl and bowl of water the person holding the ses will  put little rice in the ses and pour little water in the ses and give it to you.
  6. Take the whole Khumchi/ses around the head for seven times and put little water with rice on the right side and then on the left side.(this is to make the Umber/threshold cool)
  7. Take some rice and take OVARNA / Vadhavi Levanoo (throw rice on the person with both your hands and let them in with a  J SMILE)
  8. The Guests will step in with their RIGHT FOOT.


Courtesy : Thrity Tantra (


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