(Madavsora is done the same day after the Engagement …the beginning, first day  of the marriage ceremony which is done 4 days prior to the day of the Wedding,  where a mango sapling is sowed with wealth of things, wishing the bridal couple health, wealth, prosperity that is  as the small sapling grows into a big strong tree and bears sweet fruits, may your love grow as strong to bear good, sweet  and strong children)

Madavsoro, Supra ni reet, Harad (pithi chorvani) reet are same for Bride/Bride Groom and it is to be done at their individual homes.

Start early by 3.45p.m. So that you can finish everything on time.

Chalo Madavsora ni tayaari kariyeWhat you need to keep ready:

One Mango Sapling

One Big clay pot with soil in which you will sow the Mango Sapling. Prepare the pot of mud, by putting little water and make the mud loose. Put the pot of red soil (previously brought) outside your entrance door, on a colourful chowk near the wall where you will do the the Kharaptoo.

In a small khoomchi/ thali/ tray- Put in one bowl of Kharaptoo, how to make it –  take… 3-4 tabsp. of rice flour and  2 tabsp. of harad (turmeric) powder, a pinch of  kankoo and mix it with Rose water and make a paste.

A small bowl kankoo mixed in rose water.

 A small bowl rice, one glass water paan, sopari, badam, kharek, halad no gathiyo, bowl of sweet curd, Madavsora ni pariki,  a coconut which previously you have readied in the morning.

One galss of water

One small bowl rice

One small bowl wheat

One packet of soonu,rupoo, pearl etc. available at the Jweller

In one plate  keep Paan, Sopari, Harad no Gathio, Sakar, Batasa, 1 egg,

1 small bowl of curd.

2 Sutar na daro (special thread)/ Aara antar no Doro

Keep Afarganoo ready with ignited coal, Kolso pajravvano, sukhad, loban and veher.

One Red Saree or chunni to tie a turban on Brother/uncle who will sow the Madavsoro.  One garland and an envelope for him.

One Garland for the Groom, coconut and an envelope.

One Garland for the Mango sapling

One small mulmul unstiched piece approx. 9” x 9”

Paper Napkins


Chowk toran na sagan kari, batii, loban kari ne Dada Ahura Mazda ne yaad kari ne saari doova mongo ne kaam saroo karo, take one small clean coconut that the Boy/Girl will take for the wedding, clean the coconut well but keep the point intact. Put a tili on the coconut or you may even write Shadi Mubarak, or draw a swastika if you like or just a plain tili will also do (This can be done before time and kept ready).


Bride/Groom  can be in any comfortable new clothes. Home clothes would do.

Make the Bride/Groom stand on the patla and do the sagan ni tilli, garland and give her a gift envelope along with a coconut that she will be using for the wedding, scarf on head.

The person either brother, mama (uncle) or anyone who is going to sow the Madav (Mango sapling) should also be made to stand on the patla and do the sagan ni tili. And ladies should tie a red coloured paghdi on his head (it could be either red coloured saree, or big chunni not necessarily new) and give an envelope and Mango sapling in his hand.

 All the four wedded ladies who are going to participate must do a sagan ni tilli wear a scarf and along with the bride to be, go out of the house, with loban, khoomchi that is kept ready with kankoo, harad etc.


Near the pot make the person with sapling sit, the bride/groom  to be,  stands near him. While the ceremony is being done ladies and bride/groom to be must pray Yath Ahu Varioyo in her mind and seek Ahura Mazda’s blessings.

  1. First he will have to do the Kharaptoo on the wall using his first 3 fingers drawing two vertical lines at a distance of 7” to 8”/
  2. Cutting the lines at the top and bottom, he will draw two horizontal lines.
  3. Now cutting the ends of the corner he will have to draw one diagonal line with three fingers again, draw another paralled line leaving a good distance, similaraly join these lines with horizontal lines, you will get a big square with ends of the line jutting out, now  from left top corner to right end bottom corner, repeat from right hand top corner to left hand bottom corner.
  4. Now with Kankoo, put five tilas with thumb , in four corners and one in the centre.
  5. Clean hands on the mulmul piece that you have taken in the ses.
  6. Now make a hole in the centre of the pot, if required remove a bit of mud in a plate from first.
  7. Put in madavsora ni pariki
  8. Put in curd
  9. Put in little rice
  10. Put in little wheat
  11. Paan, kharek, badam, sopari, halad no gathiyo,sakar
  12. Mix everthing a little, and put in the sapling firmly by putting the mud from the side to the centre, pour little water,  while doing this please pray 7 Yatha Ahu vario, and the 4 ladies and Bride/Groom also will touch the sapling will also pray the same.
  13. Wipe your hands on the Mulmul cloth and spread it on the Sapling securing the ends in the leaves.
  14. Take paan, sopari etc. 7 times ovary ne put in the pot.
  15. The person who does the Madavsoro will take an egg and 7 times ovari ne break it on the right side.
  16. Take a coconut and take it around the sapling 7 times (ovarvanoo) and break the coconut putting little water inside the pot too.
  17. Give him a paper napkin to wipe off his hands.
  18. Give one sutar no daro in the person who has sowed the Madav.
  19. Now take the coconut from the Girl’s hands and mother or any married lady (sohasan) takes the Sutar no thread ties it round the coconut while reciting 7 Yatha Ahu Vario (one Yatha for each round slowly) at the end of the seventh round, break the thread, and twist both ends and with a little kankoo and haldi twist the two ends together and slide inside so it does not open. Simultaneously, the person who is sowing the madav will also tie the sutar no doro round the sapling praying 7 Yatha at the end twist the two ends. Now give it in the hands of Bride or Bride Groom and tell her to put little sandalwood and loban and wish well.  
  20. Give little rice to everyone, 4 ladies, the bride and the person who sowed the sapling- now take overna with rice (take overna of the sapling wishing the couple long, happy and successful life ahead)
  21. Pour little water in the pot.
  22. Bride to be puts a little sukhad, loban and then everyone present can put the loban and take the( afarganyoo) loban round the sapling and then all over the house.
  23. Take the Girl/Boy inside the house, mother to take the overna.
  24. The girl will take the kharpta no bowl and bowl of kankoo and put tila on all the doors 3 haldi and 2 kankoo with 3 fingers. The fingers going from down to upwards and outside to inside (optional)
  25. Please put the coconut away at safe place standing in a bowl till the wedding Day when you have to take it along.


For the next 4 days put little water in the pot.

This pot and sapling can be put in the sea or transplanted elsewhere, river, lake after the Varovar is done.

Courtesy : Thrity Tantra (

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