Supra ni reet is done immediately after the Madavsoro

What will you need.
4 Supras keep ready in the morning
1 Khalli batto (hand spice grinder ) with one or two harad na ganthia. Put a small garland over it.
1 bowl of ready mix of turmeric powder and rose water
4 supras each tied with 7 rounds of aara-antar- no-doro at the open edge and sealed with turmeric and kankoo paste.(Do not put a knot).
Put 3 kankoo tiliees and inbetween put 2 harad ni tiliees. Put a garland of flowers, a fistful of rice, green moong, whole wheat, a pieces of fresh coconut,(break one coconut and make pieces), paan, kharek, badam, bataso, sakar. If you can get atleast one Twin banana, one small ealichi banana in each supra.

Chalo 4 sohasano Supra zatkva
Clean the place and put chowk. In the centre put the Grinding stone and make the Bride/Groom sit in the centre to pound the haldi. While the supras are being tossed the Bride/Groom has to grind the haldi.
The Four ladies their head covered with scarves sit facing each other surrounding the Bride/Groom.
All the ladies have to toss the supras 7 times and exchange with the person sitting opposite.
Again toss the supras 7 times and exchange supra with the person sitting next to you.
This tossing and exchanging should be done Seven times.
Put supras down.
And the four ladies can hold the Bride/Groom hand and help him to pound the haldi 7 times. (Have fun)

Take a pinch of haldi powder and add it to the bowl you have kept ready with a teaspoon of milk.

Immediately after the supra ni reet the Bride/Groom can go and change the clothes and wear old clothes which should be ok if they get soiled with the haldi stains (easy to wash off).
Make the Bride/Groom sit on the patla and mother can apply little haldi paste on the forehead, cheeks, hands and feet and whosoever wants to apply can come and apply and have fun. (If the Bride/Groom is not happy about it, please do not do it).
You may have fun picking up the groom sitting on the patla 7 times and put him down again. (optional)
(There are others methods also of doing this)
After everyone has finished applying Bride/Groom can go for a bath. Little milk and flowers to be given before bath, and when She/He finishes her bath and comes out the mother can take an egg, take around the head 7 times and break it near the bathroom door in a paper plate or aluminum foil, and take overna.


Courtesy : Thrity Tantra (

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