Varovar can be done anytime after the wedding, depending on both the parties.  It can be done the next day, next week or next month.

Only after the varovar is done you may pick up the Madavsoro –no-pot and empty out all the Ses of Paan, sopari, coconut rice, kankoo etc. and it should be put in the Sea or running water.

A small vase/vessel/ that has been brought by the Bride should be decorated with teeli and garland put in 5-7 pedas (sweet meat), Paan, karek, sopari, badam, sakar.

On the top put the red cloth (approx.1/2 to 1 mt.) from which small dress can be stitched on the 6th day after the first child has been born. Put coconut balanced on the red cloth Pointing upwards Garland the vase. And do sagan to them both and give the vase and an envelope to them both.  If it is decided earlier some people may even return the ring to the Groom that was previously gifted as Sala Dakhal ni ring.

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