Here is a detailed report on an important American,  from Arizona becoming a Zoroastrian in the latter half of the 19th century, building a Fire Temple on a Hill, calling it the place the Parsee Hill . Like a Dukmah on top of a hill, the HILL that became his final resting place.
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Rusi Sorabji



FATHER OF ARIZONA; Charles D. Poston ……Became a Zoroastrian in in 1878 (136 years ago)

Charles Poston built the first fire temple in the United States in 1878. He was born in 1825 in Kentucky and practiced law in Tennessee. Later he moved to Arizona and successfully convinced President Lincoln to make Arizona a US territory. This led to admission of Arizona as 48th state of the union in 1912. For this reason, Charles Poston is known as the “father of Arizona.” Afterwards, Poston became one of the first Arizona delegates to Congress. 

After the loss of his wife and daughter, Charles Poston decided to make a trip to Asia. On his travels in India, he became familiar with Zoroastrianism and became a Zoroastrian after his return to the United States.
He then built a pyramid shape fire temple in Florence, Arizona. He named his fire temple the “Parsee Hill.” But after a few months, the flames died out. People then mocked the temple calling it “Poston’s Folly.” Today, however, the fire temple is known as “Poston’s Butte.” In 1925, some 23 years after Charles Poston’s death, he was buried at the summit of his beloved “Poston’s Butte,” which is still stands today.

Also, click the following links where it is confirmed that he was converted to Zoroastrianism. 

He should have changed his last name from Poston to Peston, which would have made him more authentic Parsi Bawaji!!!



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